Valentine’s Day Nail Art Designs Super Hot Ideas, Tips and Tricks

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Nail Art Designs

Valentine’s Day Nail Art Designs Super Hot Ideas, Tips and Tricks

Nail art designs don’t have to get ‘ya all twisted and confused! Does thinking about making some really cute designs at home on your own only bring up images of a sticky, hand full of polish -y mess? Sometimes, me too! I’ve found some really great sites online that not only have cute nail art designs for inspiration, but also the how to’s, tips, tricks and super cute ideas as well! Fingers or toes, they’ve got ya covered!

Whether you’re going and doing the single girl on the town this Valentine’s Day, or spending some cuddle time with that special, smexy someone – There’s nail art designs listed here to help make your look complete. Each year, February 14th always has that ‘Love is in the air’ magic about it. Coupled up with your cutie = LOVE. Single, hot, girl on the town = LOVE. Let’s rock that mani / pedi shall we?

Check ‘em out!


Nail Art Designs

Need More Nail Art Designs?



Nail Art Designs

Still Check Out The Nail Art Designs?

And finally, my favorite on this list is called Mysterious Me Purple Glam Check out the Youtube video for the full tutorial!

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  1. Oh boy! I am a sucker for nail polish and nail art! I sometimes just don’t have the patience to do some of these amazing works of art.
    Thank you for sharing these!

  2. Wow! Looks like a lot of work and a very steady hand. I have trouble with the old-fashioned single colour nails. I really like the black and white hearts with the rhinestone accents.

  3. oh my gosh. i have seen a pic of ‘water marbling’ but i did not know how it was done. i just watched the video link you provided. coolness. i have got to try it.

  4. How neat it is to paint your nails in really nice Valentine shades! So cute! I like so many of the nail designs! I am going to paint my nails for Valentine’s Day!

  5. I’m a sucker for nails like those. I recently got tips and I love them! i just have the french design but I’d love to put some fun designs on them like the hearts from the picture you have here! :)

  6. Nail art? I just wish I had nails to put some art on. My nails are paper thin and they bend backward just from pulling up my pants. How sad is that? Those designs are awesome though!

  7. These were awesome! I like the Hello Kitty best, though, The others a bit too long for my taste. I just don’t understand how people can function with such long nails!

  8. LOVE these nail designs, but sadly I lack the coordination to even polish my nails without making a sticky mess of my hands! Maybe next year I’ll have them done. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  10. WoW!!!!! These nail Design are Awesome, I’ll definitely try out these on Valentines Day… thanx for this Great post :)