Fuck You Friday / Wordless Wednesday Mash-up

Fuck You Friday / Wordless Wednesday Mash-up


So, let it be written in stone – I CAN NOT PUSH 1 OF THESE BLOG PUPPIES OUT EVERY OTHER DAY – there… my first FUCK YOU FRIDAY!

Fuck You Grandma Juice for having a wacko family, too many classes, lazy ass, not enough Redbull, hectic fuckety fucked up life. You can NOT keep up with your promise to do this every other day! And ya know what else? Fuck you because no one really reads this anyways… so SUCK IT DOWN …. *I am fully aware I just told myself to fuck off, I’m cool like that*

Wordless Wednesday Just on Friday #1

Did Jimmy get this spot on or what? #winning !!!!

Fuck YOU Courtney Cox for being 46 and rockin’ a bikini like THIS:

Yeah… I\’m Jealous. FUCK YOU!

Wordless Wednesday Just on Friday #2


Fuck YOU Teen Mom for dragging us back to court and once again ****This part, has been HEAVILY edited****

Wordless Wednesday Just on Friday #3

Shitty Music?

Fuck YOU United States Army for making me send my son Army Man back! We did have a REALLY nice visit! He surprised me for my birthday and got to spend a whole 2 weeks at home! I am so proud of him and the man he’s become. But saying good bye at the airport sucks big hairy donkey balls! Fuck YOU Uncle Sam! (Can you say that to Uncle Sam??)

And…. because this craptastic blog post really, really makes me sound like an angry and bitter bitch, I’ll leave you with Wordless Wednesday Just on Friday #4 and #5 so you know that I’m totally not. *just this week*

Seriously, can that be any cuter? See!! I’m not a bitter Betty! Baby giggles make me giggle! And who doesn’t just love a cute puppy… falling off the couch!

The end….



  1. BAHAHAHA! LOVED Jimmy Fallon’s take on Charlie! Also loved the falling puppy – that fucker was mad and crying because they dressed him up like an asshole!

    Sorry your baby boy had to go back to his Army post…but I’m hella proud that you got a boy serving his country – tell him that some crazy chick who loves your blog said, “Thank you for serving!” I guess he makes up for your shitty, selfish kid…sorry you have to go through that drama, but your grandson is lucky that y’all are looking out for him. Have a groovy weekend, G-ma!

  2. God I love you! Hilarious shit here. Remind me not to upload a bikini pic cuz I hate to admit, I look just like that 😉

  3. I love those videos. I had seen another baby laughing at ripping paper before, but not that one. Too cute! Definitely proud of your son, and proud of you for standing up for your grandchild. I know it’s not easy as we have been through a similar thing before in my family. Glad you found me.. or however we hooked up. 🙂 I’m a new follower regardless.