Father’s Day Twitter Follow Page 2

Father’s Day Twitter Follow Page 2


Here is the Father’s Day Twitter Follow Page 2

You Must Follow All Pages Listed Below For Our
Father’s Day Giveaway By Twitter.
Please Don’t Disqualify yourself By clicking Enter Button
If You Haven’t. The Entry is Optional, But ALL Must Be Followed.


  1. Renee Rivera says

    Great Giveaway Thank You Have A Good One!!!! Good Luck Everyone =}

  2. Thanks for the giveaway – have a wonderful weekend!

  3. donna harris says

    Followed them all!!! Thanks for the really nice giveaway!!! I would love to win this for my man!!!

  4. Donna Shelley says

    Following all

  5. followed all @dealsfan32

  6. Elizabeth Becky Young says

    i followed all but the last one (@hsrotenberry). she is coming up as “person not found”. i went to the search function and it says the same thing. i dont know who she is to go any other routes to find her. Please do not disqualify my entry for this problem! i really need a tv!

  7. christal c says

    i followed all but the last one (@hsrotenberry). she is coming up as “person not found”

  8. last one didn’t work did the rest

  9. Karen Hand says

    Liked the last few entries, the last individual, hsrotenberry, is coming up Not Found. Followed the remaining blogs.

  10. Karen Hand says

    Found hsrotenberry and followed.

  11. @hsrotenberry is not right! It says not found. I went to Twitter and found them, but when I try to follow it it says ‘we did something wrong’ and wont let me follow. Are they in Jail?

  12. Suzanne Deleon says

    Followed them all on Twitter, but @rsrotenberry says no page found! I searched for it on Twitter but had no luck!

  13. Missy Conner Spivey says

    Can’t follow @hsrotenberry …I get the same “we did something wrong” message and wont let me locate or follow them. I followed everyone else though. Thank you!

  14. liked both page 1 and 2 of twitter

  15. Problem with the last follow (@hsrotenberry) otherwise all is well. Thanks!

  16. Tracey Andino says

    all followed but can’t get hsrotenberry it said page not found

  17. same as above 🙂

  18. Ditto – followed all but hsrotenberry.

  19. Ended up following Heather Rotenberry’s Twitter acct. at @girlsnoexpert

  20. Followed them all as @frompdxwithlove, last twitter handle did not work, said it was not found.

  21. Chelsea Saulpaugh says

    Followed all but the last one for the same reasons the others couldn’t follow them.

  22. Last individual: @hsrotenberry
    Not Found: The user you requested was not found

    Followed everyone else.

  23. Stacey K says

    hsrotenberry is not found on twitter followed all others

  24. followed all except hsrotenberry, page not found
    email me when fixed and i’ll come back and follow t_freckleton at yahoo dot com

  25. Followed all except hsrotenberry for the same reason everyone else isn’t following.

  26. Vickie Bartlett says

    I’m another one who’s going to take the entry. error with @hsrotenberry

  27. Christa Wagner says

    Taking the entry. Same prob with @hsrotenberry.

  28. Followed all but the last one like everyone else because of the error

  29. Amber Pineau says

    Followed all but the last due to error

  30. Bonnie Cantrell says

    I followed all but the last one. It says that the user isn’t found.


  31. all done

  32. Ditto not being able to find the last user. All others are done. 🙂

  33. all followed except hsrotenberry it said page not found

  34. Followed all on Twitter with exception of @hsrotenberry. Received error message.

  35. @hsrotenberry is not found and FYI they are on other blogs twitter follows and have had exact same issue. Name does not exist on twitter. I followed all others I hope it counts.

    • As I was doing my following I came across a Heather Rotenberry and assumed @hsrotenberry was her whose twitter handle is actually @hrotenberry. That is the only Heather Rotenberry on twitter I could find.

  36. Marty Harris says

    i followed all but the last one (@hsrotenberry). she is coming up as “person not found”

  37. Followed all but @hsrotenberry – twitter says they’re not found.

  38. I followed all except for @hsrotenberry. I got the Twitter message: “The user you requested was not found”. I hope this doesn’t disqualify me.

  39. Jodi Tillman says

    Followed all but the last one @hsrotenberry came up not found

  40. Melinda Dartmann says

    Followed all but the last one (@hsrotenberry). Twitter message was: User not found. Thanks for the giveaway!

  41. Followed all but 5 did not show up 1 not found!!

  42. hsrotenberry isn’t working… following all others!
    Wendy L

  43. Barbara Compton Kesterson says
  44. i followed all except last one said couldn’t find @hsrotenberry

  45. Last one @hsrotenberry is not valid, followed all but that one 🙂