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Q & A

Q & A

So… I’ve been thinking. A LOT! Who am I typing to here? Who’s in the little screen there reading this? Anyone? My fantasy is that Tim McGraw is hiding his smexy self behind his screen stalking me for a change, ‘cuz stalking him is getting way harder since he’s in Australia and all… (I see you Tim!! Nice boxers BTW. Tell Faith “Hey” and that new song… 2 thumbs up) 🙂

Any woo haa… I have some questions my own self here and what a better way to kill 2 little birdies with 1 giant stone (*graphic violent image, blech) If I get some answers, I’ll know at least someone is out there reading, stalking or in some form or fashion making this hit counter go up. I’ll learn a bit and maybe, just maybe this will also help take care of some of #2 on my weekend ‘to do list’. MAKE CONNECTIONS!!!! So… if there really is anyone there (*knock *knock) speak up!! Put something in the comment section down there (please, no nakkie pics… there’s children here and… eeewww) I’ll ask a few of the most pressing, important things running thru my brain about this new blog/blob/glob world… you answer if you can. Or, just ask some questions of your own. Unless it involves giving out my social security number or opening up a bank account to help you collect the money left to you by your great uncle in Zimbabwe, I’m down for answering! LET’S CONNECT!!!!

Which, brings me to my first question. What is with this new Google + thingy-ma-jigger? It’s being referred to as the “new/better’ Facebook”…. is it? I think it’s a glorified twitter where you get to say “Hey” but in more than 140 characters. Do you use it? How? I have one!! Look over there… to the right side… see the red G+… go ahead, click it and add me to your ‘circle of friends’… then tell me what I’m supposed to actually be doing with it! I have no clue! But!!! If it is the new/better Facebook, I’m still not helping you farm… I may have grown up in the Midwest but that 1 time I milked a cow went horribly wrong (story for another day)

Those of you who have blog/blob/glob(s) – do you connect them to your personal Facebook accounts or do you have fancy schmancy ‘fan’ pages? I’m going to set up a ‘fan’ page. No, not because I have pipe dreams of becoming a super rock star blog/blob/glob (er) in need of a whole separate space for my ‘fans’!! Well, maybe. But because I’m slowly seeing that all of the pages I’ve ‘liked’ are completely filling up my timeline with super cool coupon and deal tips. Which is awesome and all but, I have no clue what my real life friends and family are doing because their posts get buried under all the deals I’m trying to chase. It’s hard to spy on my kids when I get so distracted by “TARGET IS HAVING A B1G1 AND YOU ALSO RECEIVE A $25.00 GIFT CARD WHEN YOU DO!”  Because, obviously!!! I’m off to Target! What do you do?

Also, all these reviews/give-a-ways… I’ve entered ALL of them. I’ve won NONE of them! Totally, fine. I’m going to keep entering! You can’t win if you don’t play. (I also say that about the lottery and, well, that $5.00 6 months ago, it’s already gone) How do you get those super cool products to review in the first place? I’m not much of a ‘pimp myself out’ kind of person so I’m lost in that “PICK ME, PICK ME” world of competing for that bottle of hand lotion to review. BUT!!! If I did happen to get one from some wonderful company to review… I’m ALL in!! I’ll be the best, most honest, loyal reviewer they’ve ever seen! (*pimp, *pimp) And then I’ll be able to do my own give-a-ways and put up one of those rafflecopter forms myself!!! (adding that as a #4 or #5 to my weekend to do list) Get companies to PICK ME!! How do you do it? Where do you start? And, if by some chance you’re reading this Tim, I’ll do one heck of an awesome review of your Denver show in July when you’re playing with Kenny Chesney!! I’ve already got my tickets… Hook me up with another meet & greet so I can have some awesome pictures to show ‘my FANS”… !!!! (*pimp, *pimp)

And finally… where do you all find the time to wash your floors? Really. I’ve logged SO many hours clipping coupons, wheeling and dealing, and trying to put this blog/blob/glob together that I totally skipped “Happy Cleaning Day” last Sunday. Yes, I managed to hit CVS, Target and the grocery store. I even got my first “WOW” out of Grandpa Juice when I beat the register in my ‘how low can you go’ game! But totally skipped bringing out the mop. Is it just because it’s the holiday season or can my family expect a few less Happy Cleaning Days’ over all? Really. Where do you find the time to wash your floors??

Ok, that’s all for now. Let’s see if anyone is reading this before I bring on the tough questions. Leave me some comments… Be my neighbor… Google+ me over there… LIKE ME!!

Shameless begging isn’t my thing, but do I get an ‘A’ for effort with that?




  1. I’m reading! 🙂

    Love the design of your site by the way!

    If you’d like to get your foot in the door for reviews/giveaways without having to really pitch yourself, try tomoson.com. It’s free and you just click “submit application” to the products you want to review. No “pick me, pick me” pimp auctions 🙂

    Good luck! 🙂