Sesame Street Fire Safety Book FREE!


The Sesame Street Gang!

The Sesame Street Gang!


Since Grandpa Juice is 1 of those smexy fire fighter / paramedic guys, it seems only fitting that I let you know about this sweet deal for the kiddies in your house. (Grandpa actually goes to the local schools but this is about as close to that as I can get for you)

Right now, if you click HERE you can order a FREE Sesame Street fire safety book or downloadable for your e-reader. Cool right?

Our 5 year old grandson knows and practices all the basic fire safety rules. One day about a week after we moved into our new home, the fire alarm went off for no apparent reason (I hate that, but… better safe then sorry!) He ran his little tush outside and SCREAMED for me to come out before I burned up. I was too busy trying to figure out why it was going off and how to shut it up, but, his intentions were good and his skills were AWESOME!! Did you know, that in these new houses ALL the smoke alarms are wired AND connected? When 1 goes off, they ALL go off… and it’s LOUD! (and annoying when it happens for no reason) He’s outside screaming, the 132567 alarms inside are screaming, and I’m inside swatting it with a broom… ahhhh, good times.

Anyways. Take advantage of this while you can. Help the small people learn fire safety because it’s VERY important!