TARGET Sales Schedules!



I LOVE going to Target! And guess what we just found out? That’s right, their sales schedule! Print out your Target coupons, match them up with your manufacture’s coupons and pick your sales baby ‘cuz they are good!

  • December 26th (for 3 days) "“ 50% off
  • December 29th (for 3 days) "“ 75% off
  • January 1st "“ 90% off

The tricky part here is deciding which day to go! Are you willing to gamble that ‘must have’ you didn’t get from Santa will still be sitting on the shelf at 90% off? Are you perfectly happy saving 50% to have that baby in your hot little hands?


OH!! and these sales and dates, they are good online AND in stores…. BONUS!


(anyone want to come babysit while I hop on over to Target for a bit??)