Victoria’s Secret Has Secret Deals??

Why yes! Yes they do! (First booze, now cute undies deals! I know how to pick ’em!)

If you’ve logged into their Facebook page recently, you no doubt noticed they have a ‘secret gift card’ you win ($10 – $500)

And, I’ve got a deal you can’t refuse! (*in my best Godfather accent, of course)

Here’s how it works….


The Secret is out, Vic!

The Secret is out, Vic!


All for just $25.49 (+ tax) shipped!! The total value is $99.00 (TOLD YA!!)

You will get the following:

Perfume Set ($39 Value)

Cotton Panties ($7.50 Value)

Body By Victoria Bra ($32.50 value)

Cami top ($20 Value)

  1. First, go to (sign up, it’s FREE and you get $$ back! Easy Peasy) then search "Victoria's Secret" and click "Shop Now" in orange (you will get 2% cash back and a $10 gift card if you are new to Ebates "“ this $10 is not calculated into your total, it's a totally additional bonus JUST FOR YOU ‘cuz they are cool like that)
  2. Add item number SG-280-617 to your cart
  3. Add item number SG-277-475 to your cart
  4. Add item number SG-241-075 to your cart (be sure to choose WHITE, BLACK OR NUDE color or it won't work)
  5. Then use codes FA1128033, SHIP25, PERFUME at checkout (which will add the perfume to your cart)
  6. Use your Secret Rewards Gift Card which is worth at least $10 (and… if you were a lucky duck, it’s more)
  7. Your total will be right around $25.49 + tax shipped right to your door!!
Cool beans, yes?? And here you thought this coupon biz was for your grandma and old ladies!



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