Coupon Saver Binder Bundle SALE!!!

Today is my unoffical ‘online shopping day’ since I save my weekly outing trips for later in the week after the stores are restocked. I get so frustrated showing up with my lists all made out and coupons in order only to find the shelves empty!

So… I’ve spent  the morning online checking to see if I could find any good deals on a new coupon binder. Mine is shot! Totally falling apart at the seams! When I first started I completely under estimated not only how many coupons I’d end up having but my ability to stick with it. (I really thought I’d have given up because it wouldn’t be worth my time, I’m SO glad I was wrong for a change!) So, I went small and cheap. Bad move. I literally hold my binder together now with a head band! it’s so over stuffed. I’m afraid 1 tiny jiggle and all of ‘Grandma’s Gold’ will spill out on aisle 5 and that would be … well, let’s just say not pretty. And LOUD! The screech that would escape my lips… I can’t even dare to think about it.

I checked quite a few sites and found some pretty cool ones! Then, I stumbled into this! AND!!!! It’s on sale! WOOT!!! Normally, $34.99 but marked down to $28.00!! LOOK….

I'm buying it!!

 And, it comes pre-loaded with inserts!

Ready to use


This is a quick copy/paste of the features in the ad:

Product Features

  • Get your coupons organized and start saving. This great bundle includes everything you need to become an “extreme couponer”.
  • Extra heavy duty “Pro” binder stands up to lots of wear and tear.
  • 50 assorted pages are included in five different styles. Add more pages any time.
  • Includes Avery® extra wide dividers, writable, printable and completely customizable for your filing system.
  • Includes a zippered pouch for your scissors, pens, calculator, money, etc.
I like that it uses Avery brand dividers and pockets because I know for a fact you can buy them at Walmart, staples… anywhere really. I don’t like buying a product and having to reorder stock from only that particular company. Kind of tricky and over priced if you want the truth. So, I’m getting it!! On sale, pre-loaded with dividers and pockets I can buy easily anywhere, and, I checked… it had good reviews and that sealed the deal!
I’m putting the link below so you can check it out too. If you get one, let me know what you think!!



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  2. I am still learning how to coupon so its nice to have a site like this. Stopping by from the MBS Alexa Blog hop. Just left you a review 🙂