Couponing: The Extreme Video Course

Couponing: The Extreme Video Course

I was extremely happy to get the chance to review the grocery coupon online classes by Rayven Perkins. As a ‘newbie’ into this Extreme Couponing World, I absolutely needed the tips, tricks and lessons she has to offer!!

The VERY easy to follow program is broken down into 14 videos. (5 minute average length) And as of this review, also now contains 2 BONUS VIDEOS! Rayven includes a downloadable pdf workbook which helps guide you through her step by step process making it that much easier to ‘get the gist of it’ while she talks you through.

Video 1: Couponing Basics – Short overall of the basics. Gently guide you into her program.

Video 2: Collecting Coupons – She gives some GREAT tips on where to find the “Grandma’s Gold” as we call it in my house… COUPONS!!! Who knew you could find coupons on eBay of all places!! Rayven Perkins did and she gives you a wealth of others places to go as well.

Video 3: Organize your Coupons – If you’re just starting out like me or even a seasoned pro, watching this video is a great tool on how to dump the shoe box and get organized! Because really, what good are all those coupons if you can’t find them??!! And that shoe box takes up so much room in the cart. Watch this one!

Video 4: Rules of Couponing – I think I learned the most right here. Everything you NEVER thought of, she’s got you covered! And with the workbook, take notes to use later while you’re doing your coupon thing!!

Video 5: Double Coupons – Unfortunately, this made me really miss Sweet Home Chicago!! Living now in Nevada, there are NO stores that double at all. Just once I’d love to see that .75 turn into $1.25! If you’re lucky enough to live in an area that does double, this one will give you everything you need to know to maximize that advantage. Don’t waste those opportunities!! Some aren’t lucky enough to have them.

Video 6: Free Item Coupons – Here we’re given some good advice on how to track down those ever elusive FREE ITEM COUPONS!! Who doesn’t love FREE!!??

Video 7: Shopping at Target – Although one of the shorter videos it still does cover the basics of navigating Target. I have found since first starting my ‘little coupon’ game that all these years I could have been saving SO much if I had only known a few simple things. If you love Target but don’t like the $$’s coming out of your wallet, this ones for you.

Video 8: Shopping at CVS – Hi, my name is Grandma Juice and I’m addicted to CVS!! For real… It’s impossible for me NOT to stop there while making my store rounds. I simply can’t help it. What I once thought was a great place to pick up meds but an over priced pharmacy for necessities was so far from reality it’s laughable. This is where 75% of my FREE items come from! Learn to play at CVS with Rayven!

 Video 9: Shopping at RiteAide – Same as CVS really with the way the drug store game is played. While my preference is CVS if you’re a RiteAide shopper, this will definitely help you navigate the way to FREE!

Video 10: Shopping at HEB – I don’t have an HEB in my area (or state if I think about it) but I still watched to see if I could take away anything I could use at the local grocers here. Oh yeah!! If you live near HEB, WATCH! If you don’t there were some applicable tips to use at your local chain.

Video 11: Shopping at Walgreens – Again, like CVS and then RiteAide, if this is your drugstore of choice, you shouldn’t miss the lessons learned here! I think the REAL tip / trick is how to incorporate ALL of them into your shopping rounds! I think as I get further into couponing I may try that. I’m glad she gave these lessons for me to pull out for later.

Video 12: Couponing Ethics – This is a topic everyone should know, use and consistently put into practice. Here you’ll get all the must have basics on how to keep yourself on the level.

Video 13: Your Mileage May Vary – Now, when I read the title, I thought “I can save at the pump as well??!!”….  And, well, yes, I can through my grocery store loyalty card but that’s not what this one’s about. Rayven covers what to do if you have problems at the register whether it’s lack of cashier training or that ever dreaded “BEEP” we all hear from time to time when a coupon won’t scan. Having someone point out how to keep your cool is always a good lesson to have! Watch this one!

Video 14: Your Stockpile – As someone who’s a newbie at the coupon game, even I have learned that a stockpile grows and grows FAST! You certainly don’t want to become a hoarder and have 12354 tubes of toothpaste ‘just because’. In this video, we get some helpful tips on what time to if yours becomes a bit too much and how to nip it before it does. You certainly don’t want to go from Extreme couponing to Hoarding Buried Alive 🙂

Bonus Videos’s 15 & 16 (Other Food Savings & Resources) I’m going to let you discover all on your own after you purchase the course!!

Couponing The Extreme Video Course normally retails for $37.00 but as of the writing of this review, it’s discounted to $17.00. And at that price, I do recommend purchasing it. You’ll make that money back in your first shopping trip if you follow the tips for sure! While if you want to do all the leg work yourself, most of this info is available online for free. But you will spend quite a few hours a day for a few weeks getting it all. The videos are easy to follow along and understand and the workbook makes it more ‘visual’ if you learn better that way as well. Having all of the basics in 1 convenient place like this makes it a ‘thumbs up’ at the $17.00 cost it’s being offered at currently.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you thought of the course if you’ve taken it and what your thoughts are! Did you learn anything new?


I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.