Facebook AND Twitter Blast – Blogger Sign-Ups Open

This is an excellent opportunity for those of you bloggers who are interested in gaining new facebook and twitter followers! ***AND!! For our readers and fans, this is an excellent opportunity for you to WIN $100 AMAZON Gift Code!!

Sound good? Yeah, I think to too!

Makobi Scribe is hosting another awesome event. This one is a Facebook AND Twitter Blast!! There will be a $100 Amazon Gift Code up for grabs! I’m SO excited! The last one I participated in was hugely successful for me as a blogger and I received dozens of emails from happy fans.

For bloggers, this event is super affordable. You can buy in to 4 events (that is $2.50 per event) for $10 per one Facebook & one Twitter account. Or, Facebook only is $5 and Twitter only is $5.

For fans and readers… it’s FREE to join!! I know!! Why wouldn’t you do it… Can’t win if you don’ play!!

Bloggers, don't wait to sign up "“ the first event starts February 15th.

Fans and readers – Watch for the announcement to get in and enter starting February 15th…

Bloggers, to find out more or to sign up go to Makobi Scribe.

Hope to see EVERYONE get in on this!!