Confessions For A Lazy Saturday ~ Guilty Pleasures ~

What’s yours?

We all have them, right? I mean, if we’re being honest here – and why shouldn’t we be? This is the internet after all. Who’s going to see it anyways? ūüôā
Every so often, I kind of take a mental jog down my list of guilty pleasures and decide if I should or would give any of them up (you know, to better myself and all that crapola.) Usually I don’t. <insert never, we’re being honest> However, I thought it might be entertaining to take you all on this futile jog of self un-improvement with me. Ready?


While the¬†category¬†itself isn’t that much of a guilty pleasure, what I do while listening sure qualifies. You know when you’re in the shower… or, your car and you sing like Celine Dion performing at The Grammy’s? Yeah. That. And loud. Like, "just approaching the point of being uncomfortable"¬Ě loud. I¬†automatically¬†assume everyone wants to hear The Zac Brown Band singing about their toes in the sand just as much as I do. So, I oblige. You’re welcome. Or not.


Filthy,¬†dirty gossip. ¬†Because their flaws and failures make me all warm and fuzzy. <honest insert, we all love to see the hot shots act crazy and/or fall from grace>¬†When Charlie Sheen had his *episode and everyone was hoping he’d seek help for his addiction, ¬†I made popcorn and glued myself to that crazy live stream thing he did. Guilty pleasure golden heaven right there!¬†I was SO #winning!


Fill in any city you like. I can’t stop watching this garbage. It’s like a train wreck, I know. But, something about all these wealthy women whining, crying, flipping tables and acting like they just stumbled out of a trailer park rather then their gated community dripping in diamonds and wearing Olivia Newton John’s outfit from the video “Let’s Get Physical” just makes me feel a wee bit better about my own life. And way more *classy then I actually am.

There’s more. But my fear of this turning from a ‘Guilty Pleasures” confession to a “OMG this Grandma is a wackadoodle” post makes my spidey sense tingle alerting me to stop.

So… spill it. What’s your guilty pleasures? Go on… no one will see it. Sure, they all warn you that what you post online will stay there forever. But, I’m still not convinced the whole *internet thing will ever really take off anyways =)

Who are *they* exactly anyways?



  1. From one Grandma to another, I love to goof off and hang out with the kids/grandkid at the beach! Specially when I SHOULD be doing housework, lol!