Happy New Year!!! Let’s Help Our Troops Today!!

Support YOUR Troops!


Happy New Year!!! How did you celebrate? A partying good time all dressed up out & about? Or, like us, did you snuggle up and stay in with family? Whatever you chose, we hope it was fun and everyone made it home safe!

Now, it’s time to clean out those coupon binders that have all your expired coupons still in them! New year, new coupons, new deals to be had!! As they say, out with the old and in with the new…..

Being a military family, we’d like to take this opportunity to remind you that you can donate any expired coupons you might have to overseas military families. There are a TON of coupons that expired yesterday. Really, a TON!!!!!

Many in our military who are serving  overseas don't have access to coupons. And let me tell you from first hand knowledge, food is EXPENSIVE overseas! It is either shipped by boat or flown in to the commissary and PX where our hard working soldiers buy their food and household essentials. Because of this, it raises the price of even a simple gallon of milk to $5.00!! Can you imagine NOT using coupons now? My son and his wife for example can use them at the commissary after they have expired for up to 6 months. This is the general case on most bases. So, we send them directly to them.

This is a very easy thing to do to support our military members and their families.  If you don’t have any members of your family who serve, there’s a GREAT organization to hook up with!

You can send your coupons to the Overseas Coupon Program.  You simply fill out a  short form to adopt a base (or even a specific service member they help you pick) and  someone with the details of where you can send your coupons will contact you shortly after. All it costs you, is the price of a stamp…. and seriosuly, is that too much to support those who serve you? No, I didn’t think so 🙂

Since you’re throwing them out this week anyways, PLEASE take this opportunity to put your mad clipping skills to good use for those who put their lives on the line for you everyday!!

One small step can make a HUGE difference!