Laughter is The Closest Distance Between Two People

Laughter is The Closest Distance Between Two People – Let’s Find The Funny Laugh & some Batshit Crazy As Well!


So come closer my Juicer friends….

I forgot who said that quote. But it’s true, right? Doesn’t a good funny laugh with someone make you feel just a bit better, closer and give you some ‘warm fuzzies’ just when you need it? It does for me. And, this has been one of those weeks where I’m feeling like I lost my funny. My laugh. It up and left the building. Like Fat Elvis, not even like the suave, handsome young, thin Elvis… just… rolled away.

So… today I’m off to find my funny laugh and drag it back. Even if it’s kicking and screaming, it’s coming home with me!  I usually find that if I can get in touch with my inner batshit crazy, my funny laugh is hiding there with the crazy. Going crazy to find my funny… Kind of sounds like a bad B movie staring no name actors, I know. But, ya gotta do what ya gotta do, right? RIGHT!!!!

We’re taking the small person to Chuckie Cheese today. Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s a GREAT place to take a 5 year old who just learned all his letter sounds and has started adding and subtracting on his own. A reward for ‘filling up his smart meter’ as we call it. His choice. But I’m thinking I should find my funny laugh (and promptly drop off crazy on the side of the road) before we go. Some poor screaming child who wants “JUST ONE MORE TOKEN MOMMY PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE” may just be on the receiving end of a token ending right up his nose if I don’t. And, we shouldn’t take losing our funny out on small children screaming, especially those we don’t even know. So, where’s my funny? Let’s go on a scavenger hunt for my funny. Climb aboard The Crazy Train because this will no doubt be very random and, probably only funny/crazy in my head. But that’s the end goal, you need to find your own funny/crazy!


That awkward moment when your friend copies everything you do:

This got my lips to crack… unhinge and at least start to form into something of a smile. Not quite there yet. Let’s see what else we have…

Rich, Bored, Depressed Housewife Problems:

I wish I only had these kind of problems! Let’s just sit for a minute and soak in that rich, bored, depressed housewives do. Get a JOB…. kinda funny.

Cat Facts Trolling Trick:

But wait!! It gets better!! Wait for it….

Trying to Cancel Trolling Cat Fact Tricks:

I LOVE Epic Fail – Auto Correct. This one actually made me funny laugh out loud (LOL for our text only friends) FUNNY!!!!

This Crazy Train rider’s face always is good for a laugh:

I even left it “Large” so you could get the full effect. Crazy celebs are funny!

Ok, last one. And, I apologize ahead of time for my republican readers. But, this woman is as batshit crazy as they come. And, since that’s where my funny laugh is hiding, I’m going there. Ready?


Such a waste of good air.

Ok!! I found some of my funny! I think I’ll safely be able to navigate the token wars at Chuckie Cheese without harming some poor, young unruly child and, maybe even clean up at SkeeBall!!!

What’s funny to you?