Me & Tim McGraw Have Something To Tell You….

This is me… This is my McBud Tim McGraw…. And we have to tell you something.


Now… we’re not saying this so his wallet can get any fatter. We just want you to know that this new album is HOT. As in smokin’, on fire and woohoo can we turn up the AC cuz it’s getting all steamed up in here kind of HOT!

I’ve had the pleasure of listening to the new album and I can ASSURE you, it’s simply A MAZE ING!! Best yet! I can’t give you any sneak listening peeks *the laws* and such but you know me and my obsession  devotion to all things Tim related, and let’s just say that even though I have been listening to it non-stop since receiving my preview, I’m still going to pop for the hard copy and buy the CD. It will be proudly displayed in my *Tim Room where it belongs… yes, yes I do have a room in my home dedicated to all things McGraw. Don’t judge, you have your hobbies, I have Tim.

So… here’s what the critics say:

The album delivers the proven three week number one single, Felt Good On My Lips as well as the brand new single, Better Than I Used To Be . Additional standout tracks include the catchy and inspiring, Touchdown Jesus , the celebrity penned, (Tim McGraw, Martina McBride, Brad Warren, Brett Warren) I Will Not Fall Down and Only Human which features Pop-R&B star, Ne-Yo. Emotional Traffic adds to the already successful collection of releases from McGraw that have sold over forty million units.

Here’s what Grandma Juice says:

My favorite stand outs on this album are ‘Halo”, “Hey Now” and one you’ve been hearing for awhile “Felt Good on My Lips”… Don’t take me word on this… give it a spin around your turn table and you’ll see… <3 , LOVE, LURVE…

See this? This is the stage at The Hard Rock in Vegas over the summer. See those boots? Those are Tim’s. I touched them right before he blew me kisses and then came over to say “Hey Ronni… How’s it going” (in my head we ran off together and spent a rockin night in Vegas, in reality, he continued the show) I’ll be doing this again in July. I’ll let him know you said HI… if you buy the album!!

Here’s the link to do that now right from Amazon… (I think I should be a paid spokesperson, yes?)


  1. Man oh Man what a lucky women you are. He is so Smokin Hot and I Love that song Felt Good On My Lips.