Wordless Wednesday – Which Path Will You Take?

I realize on ‘Wordless Wednesday” you are NOT supposed to ad lib with using any actual words but rather let the pictures speak for themselves. Yes, I’m aware of how to play. But, being me and my typical Chatty Cathy style, I simply can’t help but to do otherwise. Meh… that’s me =)

The ‘Fork in The Road” path… could be one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. Chose wisely my friend.

The “I’m Going Over The Edge” path… yeah, we’ve all been down this one. One more step and you’ll find yourself in a rubber room. I was here just the other day! Back up slowly… change paths. The strait jacket look isn’t really *in this season.

The “Weaving Through Life” path…. just an average day in the life of Grandma Juice. Weaving along trying to stay in my own lane and avoiding pot holes! You do this, right?

The “quiet And Serene” path…. This is how I feel on days when the phone isn’t ringing off the hook, kids don’t needmetofixthisrightnowmom, and I get to lay on the couch in my jammies and watch the 1433859 shows I’ve DVR’d. Few and far between but awesome when they pop up!

So… which path are you on right now? Are you staying or hoping off to take a new one?