Deadliest Catch – Sea Monkeys Style Day 2



Deadliest Catch Sea Monkeys

As you can see, the photo above is our sea monkeys. Well, our lack of sea monkeys as it’s turning out. Growing our own is more ‘watching the water do nothing’. I’m starting to move from “Do I have to touch them” to… “What the heck am I going to do if there aren’t any to touch!”

He got this sweet little kit from his other Grandma. She swears her’s have been alive and kicking for nearly a year. Although, Ethan says she did all the growing your own and he gets to watch and play with them using a flashlight. (??????!!!!!) I made the silly mistake of sitting back watching him do all the growing. I thought that was what it was for. I supervise (and NEVER touch) and he grows sea monkeys. HAHA silly grandma.

I keep telling him that the directions say it could take up to 7 days for them to start growing. And to be honest, if these sea monkeys do not start growing soon, I may just buy some pre-grown while he’s at school. I hope that’s an option. Is it an option? Back to swagbucks to search. And, hopefully earn some swag in the process! (I LOVE swag!)

The directions that came with this little kit, says Ethan did a great job. We should be seeing little black dots. (sea monkeys) all I see is water in a little plastic tank thingy ma jiggy. He goes to that little plastic tank once an hour, on the hour with a magnifying glass to check. Is there some prayer you can do to help these grow? A rain dance type thing perhaps? I’ll take a Wicca spell at this point.

Day 2 Update of Deadliest Catch – Sea Monkeys Style:

  • Water poured in and conditioner added.
  • Wait 24 hours.
  • Pour in packet of sea monkey ‘eggs’.
  • Wait.

<Insert Jeapordy theme music here> We are still waiting.

Do do do do do do dooo. Do do do do DE do do do do do….

Check back and see how our adventures in growing our own continues!

(And do a rain dance, or something)

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  1. I didn’t have sea monkeys until I was a teenager. They weren’t as fantastical as they’d seemed LOL

  2. My kids had Sea Monkeys when they were little although we didn’t have a lot of luck with them.