Deadliest Catch – Sea Monkeys Style Day 5 – Grow Your Own

Growing Sea MonkeysDeadliest Catch – Sea Monkeys Style Day 5

Ethan: “Grandma, Grandma, Grandma, GRANDMA!!!!!!!!!”

Me: “Ethan, I’m in the bathroom….. WHAT?????!!!!!”

Ethan: “They are A L I V E !!!!!”


That’s how I found out my beautiful 5 year old grandson is now…. a baby daddy. And let me tell you, I’ve never been so happy to be able to say that. I really thought for awhile there Deadliest Catch Sea Monkeys Style was going to be a huge bust, ending with us dumping swampy, green, moss water down the toilet.

The directions clearly say “Your Sea Monkeys will start ‘hatching’ in a day or two”. LIARS! Five, it’s five days, not two. And those added three days have been excruciating. For me anyways.

“Are they growing?” “When will they be alive?” “Can I check now?” “Nothing’s happening Grandma.” “This is dumb, can we just get a puppy instead?” And on and on and on. Every. Hour. All day. Every. Hour. I was about ready to call the company and tell them that while their little “Grow Your Own” kit sucks and grows nothing but green, swampy water it is great for killing small children’s hopes and dreams of becoming baby daddy’s.

Feeding Sea MonkeysAND!! He got to feed them! Boy was that exciting. <not really> I do understand what the little magnifying glass thingy ma jig is for now though. See the period at the end of this sentence? Ok, that’s a question mark …… <– THOSE!! The little baby Sea Monkeys are that size! And, there’s like 50 of them! So far.

We don’t need no stinkin’ babies!! I have no clue how big they get or how many are left to still wake up from their cozy little slumber, time traveling, egg encased cocoon. But, they are going to have to move out. Get a condo in Florida or something. The little plastic tank is  going to violate some PETA over capacity type law soon if this keeps up.

Thanks everyone for doing a rain dance, prayer, Wicca or voodoo spell, but you can stop now. We’re good. Change your focus to helping us not kill them. Like I said, we can’t keep stuffed animals alive for more then a few weeks.

And no. I have NOT had to touch them.

{Great} Grandma Juice and {Baby Daddy} Ethan are off now. To stare at little, squirmy period like things floating around the tank.

How’d your weekend go? Any new baby daddy’s out there?


Well, this was originally written back in February. It’s now the end of July. They died. The green swamp water gets sort of… think. And stinky and totally gross by the way. So thick and gross there’s no air in there for the little sea monkeys to breathe! I dumped them down the toilet while he was gone the other day, hoping he wouldn’t notice. He totally did. And cried. OH My Babies!!! They ALL died? And you put them WHERE??!!

Deadliest Catch, Sea Monkeys Style was a fun time while it lasted. Try it! All kids should be a baby daddy (or mama) when they are 5!


  1. So glad they were finally born after all that wait. Glad that your grandson is so excited about his new babies.

  2. My grandpa bought these for us when we were little, I always loved them!

  3. Do you ever wonder what brine shrimp taste like? Do you think they taste like regular shrimp just tinier?

  4. brianna dale says

    Hahah! I never had those, how fun!

  5. These sound like something my boys would love!

  6. What exactly are they anyway and what do they look like? We never had any live or grow! So glad his did. Good luck with them 🙂

  7. OMW super cute and sounds like my little man!! Congrats to the “baby daddy”!!

  8. Wow, this brings back memories lol. Good luck!

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  11. Note to self not to buy sea monkeys for the kids no matter how cool they sound!