Obligatory Valentine’s Day Post

Maxine Valentine's DayHere’s My Obligatory Valentine’s Day Post – Enjoy, Love, Kisses Bla Bla Bla

YES! Today is the Hallmark and Godiva inspired holiday we all love to hate! Valentine’s Day! For some who have that special someone we get all mushy, gushy, cuddly and… yeah. For those who are unattached it can be excruciating! I have Grandpa Juice. We’ve been married for almost 13 years. This is the first year in a very long time that I can recall being together on this hearts and rainbows filled day. He’s usually with the other buff, hot and sweaty firemen. <I’m jealous too, he knows> What’s our special plans for today you ask? SHOPPING… duh. We’re hitting the stores while the rest of you smooch it up with over priced dinners, wine, roses and romance. Afterwards, we’ll watch the latest episodes of Shameless and then fill my obsessive need for all things Reality TV <mocking people makes me warm and fuzzy> Don’t judge!

For those unattached not doing the romantic required activities, I’m here to offer you the opposite of all those sticky, sweet posts we’re bound to ram right into today. Again. And again. And again!

Let’s find some funny! (Always located very near my crazy, remember!)

In my Google Swagbucks quest to find you the most bestest, sweetest, smushy, gushy, photos to express the perfect Valentines Day greetings, all I really found were a bunch of 1/2 naked chicks. Which of course made me feel like the LAST thing I need are more chocolates, whipped cream and strawberries and *those* kind of slinky outfits that cover nothing I want to hide. So, I give you this.

Valentine's Day Sexy ShaveSMEXY!

Nothing says I Love You Baby, Happy Valentine’s Day like this guy, eh? Exactly. Stop trying so hard. Stay in, cuddle on the couch and get a nice foot rub. It’s not the wine and roses. It’s good TV, time and some quality conversations.

Try it!

What’s your plans on Valentine’s day today?


  1. Husband and I are going to church like we do every Tuesday. He has to work tonight. We have date night weekly so we don’t have to be bound by a man made holiday (oh but I do like getting chocolate, but I like chocolate anyday LOL)

    Still Dating My Spouse

  2. I love it!! I would totally cuddle on the couch with THAT guy..um, no!! I plan to cuddle with my man and my boy and watch Valentine’s Charlie Brown. Happy Valentine’s Day!!

  3. Oh. dear! Poor misguided soul lol Happy Valentine’s day to you 🙂

  4. LOL I can’t imagine seeing that on my husband!! Tonight we will be watching our shows and just being together. Probably eating the chocolate I got my kids and maybe mine too?! lol Happy Valentines Day!

  5. lol every sexy, we are not doing anything today but your right V-day is all about selling how hot you should be by not eating the sweets lol

  6. Lol-hot!! We are trying to go out to dinner. We waited for the last minute though so who knows. Happy valentine day!!

  7. Oh, my. What a catch.

    We decided to keep things simple and just relax. We’ll likely watch a movie together.

  8. Yikes. Not sure if I have any romantic thought left

  9. wow that’s one sexy guy. lol! no plans for Vday. probably just gonna watch some tv too.

  10. Hahaha — this was GREAT especially after reading so many FB statuses about this mushy day… 😉

    I’m visiting from the Alexa hop — I hope you can stop by and return the love!

    Have a good day <3

  11. Heheheheh, I think that pic has scarred me for life though! 😛

  12. I am a HUGE Shameless fan!

  13. Ha Ha! I love your made up word…smexy!