Zoobies Blanket Pet { Review & Giveaway }

Zoobies Blanket Pet Review & Giveaway

Zoobies Blanket Pet Review and Giveaway

I can’t tell you the squeals we got when Ethan opened his ‘mail’. I GOT A ZOOBIE! I GOT A ZOOBIE! Over and over and over…. He was lucky enough to receive a Zoobie Blanket Pet for his own special review! Did I mention he squealed?

He has been asking for one for awhile. And, I fully admit to not having a clue what they were. I quickly learned that these super cuties are the greatest things since sliced bread! Zoobies are a stuffed animal, a pillow and a blanket! All in one extremely cozy (Ethan’s words) soft, squishy animal of your choice.

Ethan picked out Mashaka The Monkey. Of course, if he could have, he would have taken the whole lot of them and been in Zoobie Heaven.

Zoobies Blanket Pet Mashaka The MonkeySuper cute, right? After opening the box, the shenanigans started.

Zoobies Blanket Pet

Did I mention he squealed? He read to Mashaka, he sat him at the table while we ate dinner and….. of course he slept with the ever cozy, soft, and squishable Mashaka, naturally.

Zoobie Blanket Pets

Zoobie Blanket Pet Dreams! I think, if you look real close, you’ll see drool. Now, Mashaka comes along for car rides and watches TV and, well, he doesn’t miss anything Ethan does! He gets two very enthusiastic thumbs up from the small fry for this Zoobies Blanket Pet Review! I bet you want to know how you can get one for your small fry now too, huh?

The very generous folks over at Zoobies have offered our readers a chance to win their very own! Simply fill out the easy as pie Rafflecopter below and you’re on your way. Also! They are offering our readers 20% off any Zoobie product with the coupon code "Parenthood". SWEET!

Ready? Set? ENTER! and… GOOD LUCK!!

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    the pink pig

  2. I love the monkey, but I also liked Furbe the cat.

    Pamela Jo

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  7. Catherine G says

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  21. Trisha Scott says

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  22. amy linderman says

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    Fingers crossed, Jill

  30. Michelle Macaluso says

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