Goin’ Green & Savin’ Green SodaStream Review Giveaway

SodaStream Review Giveaway

Goin’ Green & Savin’ Green
SodaStream Review Giveaway

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard the name, SodaStream. You’ve probably even seen it in a local store or 2 right? Why haven’t you bought it? We saw it, in fact, we see it all over! We were hesitant to buy it because let’s face it, Soda drinkers are a picky bunch! We have our favorite and we stick with it. We’re loyal to ‘our brand’. And, we’re silly. We’re wasting money, we’re throwing away all these bottles and cans, we’re breaking our backs lugging heavy cases out of the car. Silly!

I’m so happy the folks over at SodaStream sent us the Genesis SodaStream and we were able to see first hand just how silly we had been. A few years ago, we cut down on how much Pop (my Midwest roots poking out there) we drink because it’s so sugary and really expensive with a houseful of kids. This would have been a super alternative to the begging and whining back then! With this baby, we an make a liter for about .25! And, compared to ‘that leading carbonated beverage brand that we can’t name’ rather than 41 grams of sugar and 150 calories, we can now enjoy the same exact thing but only have 8 grams of sugar and 35 calories! Sweet, right? Ethan thought it was some special occasion when we said it was Pizza & Pop night when we broke open the box!

SodaStream Review Giveaway

And, he was just a wee bit more than excited to get to help make it too! It’s really very easy. You screw the carbonation canister in place. Next, fill the bottle with cold water and screw that in place to; then press the button and wait a few seconds until ‘BUZZ’… done! Add your favorite flavoring and you’re good to go! There’s a flavor for everyone and if you didn’t see it made right in your own home, you’d never know the difference. The only thing I did notice is the ‘Energy’ variety is slightly different then an actual Redbull. It tastes exactly the same but what it’s missing is all the really harmful ingredients that give me that super jolt. It does contain the caffeine, just leaves out the garbage that I shouldn’t have anyways. I’m working on adjusting to that!

The sparkling water is really good too! Summer in the Vegas desert can be brutal. We can’t keep enough in the house at times it seems. SodaStream has all-natural, unsweetened flavor essences for making refreshing, lightly flavored sparkling water. MyWater flavor essences are available in Orange, Berry and Lemon-Lime. I prefer the Lemon-Lime just as cold as it can be without being considered an ice cube!

See how silly it is not to have one yet? You can check out these hot spots for everything and anything SodaStream:

SodaStream Online

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Buy It

SodaStream can be purchased at the SodaStream website and at many local retailers including Best Buy, Target and even Bed Bath & Beyond! The Genesis SodaStream starts at $99.95.

Our, you can enter right here and win yourself one!

One very lucky Grandma Juice reader will win a Fountain Jet Soda Lover's Start-Up Kit, a $99.95 value! SWEET!! This set-up includes the Fountain Jet in winner's choice of color (Red or Black) 1 bottle for making and storing your Soda (POP), reusable carbonator to fizz up to 60L of soda, and a variety 6-pack of popular sample-size flavors along with 3 full-sized flavors of the winner's choice! Seriously cool!

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  1. crystal kelley says

    rootbeer is my favvvvv!!!

  2. Barbara Compton Kesterson says

    Love Root beer

  3. Christopher Sorel says


  4. Awesome giveaway AND I even managed to stay awake this late, lol!

    I’d say it a toss up between diet pink grapefruit and diet green tea pomegranate peach. Hmm…I can just taste them now 🙂

    Best of luck to all!

  5. natalia ellin says

    i would love to try the mango one!

  6. Diet cola is my fav but my kids would love the root beer and ginger ale!

  7. Rae Ramos says

    i like cola, thanks for the giveaway

  8. ashlee lewis walls says

    cream soda yummy 🙂

  9. My favorite is Cola

  10. diet root beer!

  11. Diet Orange

  12. I want to try the orange, root beer and cream soda!

  13. rebecca day says


  14. tami husak says

    cream soda

  15. dr. pete

  16. Diet Pink Grapefruit

  17. Somaly Man says

    Nothing beats Cola for me =)

  18. I bet the orange my water is amazing!

  19. COLA

  20. Diet Cran Raspberry sounds tasty.

  21. Dr. Pete is/would be my favorite!

  22. Cream Soda~! Love it and can never find it in stores near us. Awesome~! Thank you for sharing this with all of us 🙂

  23. Cream Soda is my favorite flavor

  24. Cream Soda is my favorite!!

  25. elaine bell says

    Favorite Flavor: Cream Soda

  26. bina edwards says

    I would say the lemonade
    also, I know these are sold in Canada, I’ve seen them and a fb friend from my town bought one and loves it, but I am uncertain if the sweep is open to canada

  27. Andrea Williams says

    My favorite would be Dr. Pete.

  28. Ron Casteel says

    I like Ginger Ale

  29. alicia ponce says

    root beer

  30. cream soda

  31. Cheryl Rahkonen says

    My favorite flavor is Diet Dr. Pete.

  32. I like Dr Pepper so i would have to go with Dr Pete

  33. Shannon Pickin says

    Fountain Mist 🙂

  34. Lauren Morrow says

    Shockingly, Even though I hate eating regular grapefruit, I LOVE the Pink Grapefruit!

  35. Melisa Turner says

    dr pete

  36. Fountain Mist.

  37. Thanks for a great giveaway! I am a cherry cola kind of girl! 🙂

  38. root beer

  39. Brandi Price says

    Would love to try the Dr. Pete.

  40. Amy Rouse says

    like to try the orange

  41. Felina M says

    Cherry Cola

  42. Helen Marie Jones says

    My favorite flavor is diet cola.

  43. I love root beer.

  44. I like the cola

  45. ria clarke says

    cherry cola

  46. Miranda W says

    Cola has always been my favorite.

  47. Wendi Niccole says

    root beer

  48. love the lemonade

  49. lindamincy taylor says

    cran raspberry

  50. Heidi Daily says

    My favorite flavor is cream soda

  51. Peach Iced Tea

  52. Green Tea Pomegranate Peach… ooomg 😀

  53. Hannah Blackerby says

    Pink Grapefruit

  54. Michelle P says

    I totally would love to try the Diet Dr. Pete! Thanks for the giveaway!

  55. Mango sounds delicious!!

  56. Peggy Bolling says

    Cream Soda is da bomb!!!

  57. Natural Root beer is my fav.

  58. I am boring lol. I just like Diet cola 🙂

  59. I would love to try the root beer or the orange pinapple!

  60. lisa peterson says

    I’d love to do the energy. How amazing that would be to make!
    Thank you all for the chance!

  61. Cranberry Raspberry sounds interesting and Rootbeer


    Thnaks for the chance to win.

  62. king marsela says


  63. Kyra Graff says

    Root beer!

  64. Kimberly Davis says

    I like anything diet. Thank you for yhis giveaway!

  65. Cream Soda 🙂

  66. brenda webb says

    diet cola and root beer

  67. I’d love to try the Mint MyWater flavor! I’m all about the “natural” stuff!

  68. Kelly Falcone says

    I love the rootbeer flavor

  69. Lemon lime is my favorite flavor.

  70. Christina Ives says

    I like Dr. Pete and Cream Soda!! 🙂

  71. root beer!

  72. Mindy Brenner says

    Lemon Lime water is my favorite flavor

  73. Tabatha C says

    Diet Cream Soda!

  74. Tonya Payne says


  75. cola

  76. My favorite flavor is Dr. Pete.

  77. Nichole Miller Shamblin says

    Cola I know plain and simple 🙁

  78. shawna durk says

    i would like to try the diet cola and the root beer 😀

  79. faith chukwuka says

    cherry cola is my favorite flavor 🙂 <3

  80. Diet Orange

  81. Tory LeCompte says

    Root beer!

  82. Dr Pete

  83. Kathy Ross says

    Cream Soda.