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First let me tell you about my prize for this giveaway, which of course like any good love story starts out quite sad and tragic. And, ends happily ever after!

Review by Grandma Juice:

January 5, 1995 started out like any snowy, blistery cold day in the Midwest. I had no idea my life would forever be changed when I woke up and made the kiddos breakfast. It was the last day before school started back up after Christmas break and we were off to visit an elderly relative in the nursing home. A family event. We bundled the kids up, loaded everyone in the car and off we went.

As a passenger in any car, I always had an excuse for not wearing a seat-belt. My hair is too long and gets stuck in it. My chest is too big and gets squished. And, it’s just so confining! Turns out, it’s confining for a reason. Within a 1/2 hour of leaving the house that morning, our car slammed head on into oncoming traffic. Not having a seat-belt on caused me to fly threw the windshield. I woke up a week later with a broken neck, spinal cord injury and stuck in a body that wouldn’t move. Now THAT’S confining! They did surgery to repair as much of my neck as possible. A few pins here, some screws there… and off to recover the best I could.

Ever since the new additions to my neck to keep it firmly held in place, sleeping comfortably has been not just a problem, it’s a full blown ordeal. I estimate we’ve spent a few thousand dollars on as many different types of pillows to find just one that doesn’t cause what I refer to as ‘the rub’. Metal pins and screws rubbing and grinding into the bones they are  attached to. I bought soft ones to bunch up, firm ones to prop me up, and everything in between. So frustrating, and very expensive!

When the super folks at Nature’s Sleep asked if I’d like to review one of their pillows, I jumped right out of this wheelchair and did the mambo (not really, but close!) I picked the Visco Memory Contour Pillow. This is a contoured shaped pillow with a thicker and thinner side. Moderate density Memory Foam cradles your head and neck. The washable cotton velour cover is very plush and very kind to the skin. It is a wonderful pillow for those with neck pain, snoring, or breathing issues. The contour pillows are best for back or side sleepers. This truly is a premium pillow at an affordable price. And… I. LOVE. IT!

Visco Memory Contour Pillow By Nature's Sleep


No more waking up every hour to readjust, re-scrunch, and achy. In the three weeks since I’ve had my awesome pillow, there’s been about 5 or 6 times I woke up the next morning in the exact same position I went to sleep in! I didn’t even roll over! Didn’t move an inch! For someone who’s so used to not sleeping well and constantly waking up all night long to finally sleeping through the night; this one pillow has made such a major and positive change in my life. I’m not grouchy from lack of sleep. I have tons more energy to get ‘er done, and best of all… NO PAIN!

Remember that commercial from awhile back “I’d like to buy the world a coke”… Well, I’d like to buy the world a Nature’s Sleep Memory Contour Pillow! But, since I can’t do that, the super generous folks over at Nature’s Sleep have given me the ability to offer one lucky Grandma Juice reader a shot at winning a pillow of their own! Yep, you’ll receive the exact same pillow I have! And, I have NO doubt, you will love it just as much as I do! See, sad, tragic beginning and a happily ever after ending to this love story. And I DO LOVE this pillow.

Special thanks to the following blogs for helping me promote this great giveaway:
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  1. 12” St. Cloud LUXE Mattress

  2. Vitex pillow

  3. Peggy Bolling says

    I would like the Azlon Soybean

  4. Destiny Miller says

    i love blankies

  5. 12” St. Cloud LUXE Mattress

  6. Kelly Tanner says

    12” St. Cloud LUXE Mattress, I love the idea of sleeping on a cloud!

  7. carolynn ferraro-king says

    I like the visco memory pillow

  8. I would LOVE one of their pillows. My mom has one and I borrow it whenever I’m over visiting.

  9. I want the St. Cloud mattress!! 🙂

  10. Sara Logan says
  11. Visco Memory pillow

  12. Dianna Breeden says

    LOVE the pillows!!!!

  13. Love all the fancy Mattresses!

  14. Myra Rzepa says

    my favorite product is there topper. I won one and i cant wait to get it!! 😀 would be cool to win the pillow too!

  15. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    My favorite product is the 12″ Avon mattress

  16. Paula Gillespie says

    I would love the Visco memory pillow

  17. Marti Parks says

    I like the Visco Memory pillow. 🙂

  18. I would love to try the Azlon/Soybean pillow.

  19. Mary Michaud says

    My husband would LOVE the faux down pillow

  20. catherine c says

    i like the Luxurius Faux-Down Pillow by Nature’s Sleep

  21. The Azlon*/Soybean pillow is my favorite

  22. Jennifer Gooch says

    12″ St. Cloud mattress would be wonderful!!

  23. Alicia Zirjacks says

    The 11” Bay Harbor Mattress is my favorite!

  24. Jennifer H. says

    the fauxdown pillow
    jenhedger at hotmail dot com

  25. I would really love to have the Bay Harbor mattress for my girlfriend and I, since we both have back problems.

  26. colleen boudreau says

    I like the 12” St. Cloud LUXE Mattress.

  27. My favorite is the 8” St. Bart’s Mattress. Thanks.

  28. Waree Jaruwat says

    I love Visco Memory Contour Pillow!

  29. Janene Scarborough says

    I really like the Martinique Mattress, now that looks so comfy.

  30. Probably the Visco Memory pillow.

  31. Rebecca Graham says

    I like the Faux Down Pillow.

  32. My favorite is the 12” St. Cloud LUXE Mattress.

  33. Well if I could have anything it would be the 12” St. Cloud LUXE Mattress!

  34. Their Eco-Linens look wonderful!

  35. Michelle Macaluso says

    I like the Temperature Sensitive Visco Memory Foam Pillow

  36. I like the faux down pillow. Thanks for the giveaway.

  37. I like the bay Harbor Mattress. wowowow

  38. Alicia Zirjacks says

    I like the air molded Visco pillow

  39. I like the 10″ martinique mattress!
    Tam S. rafflecopter

  40. Faux-Down — Luxurius Faux-Down Pillow by Nature’s Sleep

  41. Tracy Awalt Juliano says

    I would love to try the ViTex2 pillow.

  42. Stacey P (cosaver213) says

    I really like the 12” St. Cloud LUXE Mattress.

  43. Nicole C. says

    My favorite is the 12” St. Cloud LUXE Mattress.

  44. I LOVE the 12” St. Cloud LUXE Mattress!

  45. debra pearlstein says

    The Visco Memory pillow

  46. My favorite thing is 8” Tobago Mattress . Thanks!!

  47. the mattress or pillows!

  48. I like the Vitex2 pillow!

  49. I would like to try the ViTex2â„¢ — Proprietary Air-Molded Visco Pillow 🙂

  50. I like the St. Bart’s mattress.

  51. I’d LOVE to try the Bay Harbor mattress!

  52. Pillow!

  53. adrienne hayes says

    12” St. Cloud LUXE Mattress

  54. Kasee Johnson says

    The St. Cloud LUXE Mattress is my favorite. I wanna sleep on a cloud!

  55. I would love to try the 12” St. Cloud LUXE Mattress!

  56. I love the 12″ St. Cloud LUXE Mattress

  57. crystal allen says

    i love the 12” St. Cloud LUXE Mattress but i need a new pillow too thanks

  58. I like the Faux-Down — Luxurius Faux-Down Pillow by Nature’s Sleep

  59. Lisa Garner says

    I like the Azlon*/Soybean pillow.

  60. I am wanting the faux down pillow!

  61. Jessica B says

    Love the St. Cloud mattress!

  62. the 12” St. Cloud LUXE Mattress is my favorite item.

  63. Michelle Tucker says

    I’d love to have the 12” St. Lucia Mattress.

  64. I think i would just about die for one of the 8” St. Bart’s Mattresses!

  65. Gretche Gerth says

    I love the Visco Memory Pillow

  66. says

    I like the pet bed

  67. Mary Baker says

    The 12″ Avon Mattress


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