Wordless Wednesday Thoughts Of Spring

As you all know, I can never do a ‘Wordless Wednesday’ post and make it ‘wordless’. This is no exception. Shocking, I know. As I sit here, knowing this should be ‘Spring’ related because yesterday was the 1st day of the best season of the year, my mind is filled with all things ‘Spring’ related…. Some are photos and some, not quite so much. Since it’s already very crowded in my head, I’m just going to dump them all here. wordless or otherwise. Humor me, pretend it’s Wordless Wednesday Thoughts on Spring.

Wordless Wednesday Thoughts Of Spring



Honest to goodness, this was my very first thought when thinking “SPRING”. I do realize, this is probably funny only in my own head. But, I can’t help it. And now, it’s stuck in your head too, huh? Sorry… Or, you’re welcome.



Of course we have some obligatory ‘Spring Flowers’. After all, isn’t this one of the things we all wait to see? Even if it’s 37* outside on the first day of Spring? Wordless Wednesday Thoughts On SpringWhen are those sweet smelling, insect attracting things going to bloom? And, how long before I kill them?  I can’t keep silk flowers looking perky. I give myself 2 months before they shrivel up and become dead, brown and crispy….

But they always start out so lovely. It’s a shame…. (Pretty, right? I wish that was a scratch & sniff!)



Then we have those awesome butterflies! I don’t know what it is about them, but I just love butterflies! Flutter-bys… Whatever you call them in your family… Wordless Wednesday Thoughts On SpringThey make me feel peaceful somehow. Floating around from place to place, person to person…  visiting for a few seconds. Showing off how pretty the are. Everyone says the same thing. “OH! Look! A butterfly!” …. We all look. Speechless. Pretty! And then they are gone. Spreading the pretty, peacefulness to on to someone else. It’s a good example of how different we all may be, we’re still all very much the same!




And finally, a springtime poem. I don’t know who wrote this, but they really hit the nail on the head! And, made me laugh my ass of too!

Spring Time

Springtime is here, let's paint our toes.
And put away our winter clothes.
It's time for sandals and breezy skirts,
bathing suits and sleeveless shirts.

We should stock up on SPF 20,
or sunburns we'll be feeling plenty.
I have to protect my sensitive skin.
Many are blinded by my pale shins.

One thing though I don't like about spring.
I hate the annoyance of shaving my things.
Because we don't live in Southern France,
we can't walk around in hairy leg pants.

This is my Wordless Wednesday Thoughts Of Spring. What are yours?



  1. Great (Warped) Minds Think Alike, come visit the groaners on my site- you’ll like!Loving your posts and lifting my coffee cup to you.


  2. I love the picture of the flowers! Even though I can feel my sinuses getting congested. 🙁

  3. Love the Spring Flowers! They always make the outdoors that much prettier 🙂

  4. Julie Lovell Backes says

    Cute 🙂

  5. Love the pictures of the flowers!

  6. My gosh, those butterflies are so beautiful!

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  7. Love the beautiful spring flowers.

  8. LOL for your wordless Wednesday post! Must be opposite day 🙂 I love those flowers. Pretty picture

  9. HAHA love the poem. Time to go shave my hairy things!

  10. The butterfly pic is gorgeous:)