Chuck – The Complete Fifth Season On DVD Blu-Ray – 5/08/12

Chuck The Complete Fifth Season On DVD Blu-Ray

Chuck The Complete Fifth Season
On DVD Blu-Ray – 5/08/12

What a sad day it was to watch the series finale of Chuck, huh? Truth… when it 1st started, I didn’t think I was going to make it a ‘Must see TV’… Chuck sucked me right in! I am SO glad Season 5 of Chuck is coming out on DVD!

The boycott of Subway to get it renewed… GENIUS! I love it when people come together for passionate reasons. Which, is kind of what got me thinking about Chuck and Morgan. As we get a few episodes into season 5, we kind of see Morgan turn into… well… a brat! I loved the way they were such close, life long friends. Geeky guys, wandering through the odd ball side of life together. But, they always had each others back, ya know? I didn’t like to see this kind of change in Morgan. One.Single.Bit.

I had a friend who got her ‘American Dream’ a little earlier (and, with WAY more cash in her pocket) then the rest of our circle of friends. It was hard watching her transform from just another one of the gang to this snotty soccer mom right before our eyes! A year before she married Mr. Big, she hung out at the same bowling alley as the rest of us and all of  sudden, you couldn’t drag her in there to save her life. Life with a white picket fence went straight to her head. We struggled to bring her back to real life for a bit, and thankfully, she came around.

Kind of what’s happening to Morgan I think. He’s got the intersect and it’s going to his head. You can tell Chuck is really struggling here to keep his cool and not blow their friendship up. But, I guess that’s what’s great about having real friends. When one is being dumb, we help them get back on track. Knowing they will do the same for us, right?

Have you had a friend who got a little big in the head? Forgot where they came from? What did you do? Tell me how it turned out…

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I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord division to raise awareness for ‘Chuck.’


  1. Very educational and entertaining post 😀

  2. Thanks for the review – that was a great correlation with your friend too. I’ve never seen Chuck, but I’ve heard so much about it. I may have to pick up the series (or more likely wait for it to come on Netflix, haha)

  3. I really need to watch this show. I’ve heard such good things about it. Love the cast. Thanks for the review post.

  4. I love getting the entire season and knocking it out in a couple of days. Didn’t realize this was already out. Thanks!

  5. I’ve never watched the show but my husband loves it!