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Let’s face it, living in the desert is not exactly the greatest place to try and grow  beautiful, blooming, full of color flowers. And vegetables, forget about it! I have tried forever to keep a garden. But, between the extremely dry, arid air and the sandy soil, I have exactly what the opposite of a green thumb is called.

I was so happy to hear about Expand "˜n Groâ„¢ ! It seems, I may just have found a solution for what I call ‘The Browns’… you know, the brown stuff that grows great in the desert. I want COLOR! Pink Roses, some Lilac Hydrangeas, maybe even some really exotic Birds of Paradise!

EnG Product Shot.png

This is what I’m planning to use to make that color explosion happen! It’s a concentrated planting mix with a unique blend of plant food and coir. Coir is an all-natural fiber made from coconut husk. It holds up to 50% more water than average potting soil and expands up to 3X’s when water is added. I especially love the idea that I can put this in pots as well! I can bring my color inside on those 120* days so they don’t get fried!

Watch, tell me it’s not the answer to my problem…

See how easy to use too! I just need to fill my pots 1/3 full and then add water!  If you are planting right in the ground, you just spread an inch of Miracle-Gro's Expand "˜n Gro over the top of your native soil and mix the Expand "˜n Gro with the top 4-6 inches of ground soil. You'll see up to 3X’s as many flowers and vegetables than if you were using native soil alone!

I’m excited to get out there and start on my blooming, color explosion of flowers! I may just even try my hand at some fruits and veggies!

Want to try your own Expand "˜n Groâ„¢ ?

Leave me a message in the comments section and tell me what you’re hoping to grow this year and we’ll pick 1 person’s comment by random draw to win their own sample to help you out! Cool, right?

Be creative too!! I’d love to hear all the new flowers and veggies I can try!



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  1. I want to try this. It would be great for my lawn needs!

  2. I want to try this, my gardening skills are very poor… lol

  3. Heirloom veggies!

  4. I’m going to plant some flowers in the front yard this week.

  5. cantaloupes! yum!!

  6. This sounds great! I’m starting my first garden this year in raised beds.

  7. I live in front of the beach and there are some plants that just won’t thrive. I’d like some bulbs and oh, my small cherry tree died so I want to try it agan this year!

  8. Peppers and chilli’s

  9. I am hoping to grow tomatoes this year!

  10. Thank you!! Anything to make gardening a little easier for me! I have the WORST luck growing anything at all! hehe

  11. steven c fuller says

    I live in Arizona and I’m hoping to lay black soil down on the side of my walkway leading to my flagpole

  12. I’d like to try this on my strawberry plants.

  13. I’m trying to make my yard colorful with flowerbeds, hanging baskets, herb garden and a few vegetable plants. I have many places I can use this!

  14. I would like to grow some colorful flowers in a pot to put on my porch

  15. Cheryl Sab says

    I want to grow my first ever vegetable garden!! Wish me luck!!

  16. This stuff looks awesome!

  17. I will be trying to grow Heirloom Tomatoes for my garden!

  18. Jennifer Pickett says

    I need to divide my Hostas this year. I haven’t done some of them since I first planted them in their pots about 7 years ago. It’s time to split them into new plants and repot them. This would be perfect. Thanks for the giveaway.

  19. Brian Smith says

    I’m in Texas, after last summer killed everything I planted….87 days over 100, watering bans etc. I am trying tomatoes and peppers in pots for the first time…this stuff might be just the ticket!

  20. Amy Baker says

    I want to try banana trees…ambitious perhaps but how cool would it be if they grow?? I also want to try a passion flower.

  21. Hannah Blackerby says

    I want to grow SO many veggies this year. Everything from corn to tomatoes to carrots and beans!

  22. I am big on becoming self sufficient, we are turning our entire backyard into a functional growing area. So we are always looking for ways to increase our crops and get vegetables and fruits growing at ultimate crops.

  23. Dianna Thomas says

    I just want to grow a few flowers,the soil is dead here desert weeds grown in the back yard–never had green grass–that would be so nice–But I would start with,container garden,for tomatilas,garlic,a few onion,to make salsa veradae–thats my sons favorite–I’d love to have some containers of petunias, the one called the wave just for a smash of color.

  24. I would love to try it out on our new garden! We just moved so everything is new!

  25. We are going to do tomatoes again this year, last year was our first. This year we are going to try a few different varieties though!

  26. I am growing tomatoes and herbs. Plus i have tulips

  27. Savannah Miller says

    My kids and I grow a small garden, this year I hope to do corn, potatoes, tomatoes, and we are going to try carrots too 🙂 Around my house we have raspberry and a cherry tree so we have lots of fresh fruit and veggies. Flowers wise the ones I plant each year are marigolds and sunflowers we try gladiolus but have little success. My spring ones are done for this year we had tulips, daffodil, and hyacinth oh and my weeping cherry tree is losing all its flowers too 🙂 We don’t do much for the fall except mums 🙂

  28. Kim-Bloggity Blog says

    I need to get some potting soil I will have to check this out!

  29. Ive loved Miracle Grow since it came out, the difference in my plants was amazing. Will be trying this now aswell, thanks !!

  30. I’d like to grow tomatoes!!

  31. Thanks! We are going to be putting in more herbs in the herb garden.

  32. LOVE this stuff – makes a huge difference in our really bad soil out back!

  33. This year we’ve really been getting into gardening. Thanks for the review : )

  34. I’d like to start growing veggies!

  35. Italian Parsley. I never have luck with it and I’m determined to have beautiful plants so I don’t have to buy it at the grocery store!

  36. I would love to try this for my new cucumber seeds that I will be getting.

  37. I have been using Miracle Gro for as long as I can remember, and still use it to this day. The only brand I trust.

  38. we are going to try roses again this year

  39. I would love to try this in our garden! It looks like it would help very much!