Natures Sleep Slippers Review Giveaway

Natures Sleep Slippers
Review Giveaway

You all know how I feel about Nature’s sleep and their super line of products! Remember when I was lucky enough to do their review of the Visco Memory Foam Pillow? Well!!! I was asked to help my blog buddy Colleen to help with her review of their slippers!! I said HECK YEAH!! Who wouldn’t, right? Nature’s Sleep is really just an amazing company and they put out such high quality products, any chance I get… I’m letting everyone know what they offer!

And Colleen is also offering ALL Grandma Juice readers a chance to enter her giveaway for a pair of Nature’s Sleep slippers!! Right before Mother’s Day too! Perfect timing right! Let’s all read Colleen’s Natures Sleep Review Giveaway below and then enter!

Review by Colleen’s Book Nook

When I was presented with the opportunity to review a pair of luxury slippers from Nature’s Sleep, I knew who the perfect person to review them should be! I am not much of a slipper wearer but my daughter in law IS! Shortly after Christmas, over 2 years ago, her dog took a chomp out of the top of a new pair of slippers I had given her and she still was wearing them. So when I asked if she would like to try a new pair and let me know what she thought of them she was thrilled.

She loves the fact that you can get large sizes for women…she wears a size 11! She said they are absolutely cozy comfy and have formed to her feet. She runs an in-home day care so she is very happy to have them. At first the hard soles were a bit slippery on her kitchen floor but after washing them they are less slick. I asked her what she thinks and she said very comfy sums it up!

Nature’s Sleep specializes in quality Memory Foam Mattresses along with toppers, slippers and even doggie beds! A majority of their products are washable and allergen resistant. And Nature’s Sleep is offering a special right now for ALL readers! You can get 50% off any purchase from their website using the code BEARS50.

SPECIAL THANK YOU TO NATURE’S SLEEP because they are giving away a free pair of their Memory Foam Slippers to ONE lucky winner!


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