Chuck Season 5 On DVD Blu Ray "˜Chuck Versus the Hack Off’

Chuck Season 5 On DVD Blu RayChuck Season 5 On DVD Blu-Ray
Chuck Versus the Hack Off

Can I just say one last time how sad I was to see this awesome show come to an end? Classic story of under dog taking on the impossible, right? Just a bit more high tech for the times. Like in the episode Chuck Versus the Hack Off.

Here, we really get to see some of our favorite humble hero's computer hacking skills. Chuck aka The Piranha must bypass the security systems allowing the team to infiltrate and grab the computer super virus, the Omen virus. (Did you know this episode was even directed by Zackary Levi?)

I was talking the other day about my obnoxious use of technology but at the same time am very (very) inept at it. Now, I’ll never be able to brag about hacking into a computer and stopping a super virus. BUT!!! I can (and will!) absolutely tell you right here and now about my first triumph over ‘the ‘puter.

I was bound and determined to learn how to make some text a pretty purplish color. I typed, deleted and retyped html code for a good 2 hours until it finally came out looking how I wanted. Certainly not world saving stuff like Chuck, but my own small victory none the less!  I was so proud I called just about everyone I knew to tell them I MADE PURPLE!

Have you ever had a computer issue you just had to solve? Did you beat the computer? It took me about 2 pots of coffee to make purple. Watching Chuck hack away was most definitely way more entertaining than me and my jittery hands. But, we both got the job done! Tell me your tale, I know you were proud too!

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