Chuck Season 5 On DVD Blu-Ray The Season Finale

Chuck Season 5 On DVD Blu-Ray

Chuck Season 5 On DVD Blu-Ray
The Season Finale

The last couple weeks I’ve been telling you about Chuck Season 5 being available on DVD and Blu-Ray. We had some chit chat about our geeky but ever so lovable hero and his mishaps as a spy. Let’s change it up a bit now and ponder what the future holds in the final scene.

Here’s how it goes…
In the season finale of Chuck, Sarah and our good hearted hero find themselves sitting on a beach side by side. The married couple reminisces and share one final kiss as the scene fades. Do you think her memories were starting to come back? Did that "˜one magical kiss' succeed in kick starting Sarah's memories?

I would like to think it absolutely does! Like all happy endings, that ‘one magical kiss’ makes all right with the world.  The best fairy tales all have the happy ending when that smooch happens, right? Sleeping Beauty… Shrek and Fiona… Why can’t we throw Chuck and Sarah in with that crowd?

We’ve invested so much time and emotion into these two crazy kids; don’t we hope they stand up in the sand and walk away holding hands? Isn’t that the happy ending we all really want to see for ourselves?

Yes, I’m choosing to believe that ‘one magical kiss’ restores her memories, all is right with the world and they lived happily ever after. Final Answer.

What do you think? Did ‘the kiss’ restore her memories? Does our favorite couple walk away into the sunset arm in arm? Do you believe in happily ever after?

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  1. Great review! I love that show!

  2. Love the review! I never heard of the show but now I am a little interested!

  3. Hunter Bean says

    I So believe in Happy ending :)Thanks for sharing

  4. I love love love Chuck! My husband was disappointed in the ending because he thought it meant Sarah didn’t get her memories back but I choose to believe she did after the kiss!

  5. I used to watch Chuck all the time, and miss it! I have a lot of catching up to do, because last time I watched, the two love birds weren’t married yet.

  6. One of my favorite shows! Can’t wait to watch season 5 all over again!

  7. Thanks for the review!

  8. My hubby loves that show.

  9. My husband loves the show Thanks for the review!

  10. I have never seen the show! Sounds interesting. Thanks for the review.

  11. It better restore memories!!