Chuck The Complete 5th Season On DVD / Blu Ray

Chuck The Complete 5th Season

Chuck The Complete 5th Season
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This week, we get to chat about Chuck Versus the Santa Suit. Remember this episode? It's Christmas at the Buy More. Chuck's sister Ellie is in full on Christmas mode, meanwhile the Omen virus has managed to infect computers worldwide. The nasty virus causes holiday shoppers to panic and things get a little out of control.

A little? It was a full blown chaotic situation, I’d say! Kind of reminds me of Christmas shopping on Black Friday! Have you ever gone? Living in Las Vegas, we have some of the best shopping outlets! I have taken on the crowds a few times.

The first year I went, I begged Grandpa Juice to sit outside one of the outlet malls with me and all the rest of the die hard bargain hunters for one of those midnight openings. The sales people unlock the doors and pandemonium ensues! No amount of planning ahead can prepare you for that… craziness! All the lists I made, the detailed item by item and aisle by aisle places I wanted to hit went right out the window. Right along with common sense and people’s humanity. We actually witness a lovely looking gray haired older woman and a twenty-something young mommy playing tug-a-war over… wait for it…. a Cabbage Patch Doll! I kid you not!

And don’t think the stores aren’t fully aware of what’s going to happen. I think they purposely under-stock the shelves so we’re forced by sheer unwillingness to leave empty handed to purchase something. Why else would they have extra security on stand by? They know sanity will be lost in the mad rush to grab the deal.

Do you hit up the stores on Black Friday? Have you ever caught a good deal? Or, where you one of those unlucky shoppers who only caught a really long wait to find the shelves empty and a tug-a-war smack dab in front of your shocked eyes?

Watch this  really cute video of the cast as they thank their fans!

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  1. I am a huge Chuck fan! I miss it now that it’s over. I do sometimes do the whole Black Friday thing but this last year I made my hubby do it:)

  2. I havent actually watched this series but I must say it sounds great, thanks for sharing x

  3. I never watched that show but heard such great things about it! I need to get it!

  4. I have never seen the show, but have friends who rave about it! I love watching shows on the DVD sets because you don’t have to wait a whole week to see the next episode!

  5. We love Chuck!!!! I am a die hard black friday shopper!! its a sport for us and a tradition!! Though last two years I was more excited about the drug stores and the coupons deals!!

  6. thanks for the review – i have never watched it before… i may have to check it out!

  7. We love Chuck. But I refuse to waste good sleeping time in the cold dark crazy Black Friday. Most of the deals are just not for our family.

  8. Michele says

    I did not go to see this movie and more then likely will not mainly cause I really don’t go to the movies! AND I never have nor will I EVER go shopping on a Black Friday with all those crowds–Kudos to you for being brave enough to face those manic shoppers!!!

  9. My husband loves Chuck. I watched a few episodes and found it entertaining. I might just have to get it for him. I do some Black Friday things, but I don’t go all crazy.

  10. Love Chuck! I haven’t had a chance to watch the last couple of seasons because of kids’ practice schedules. And, yes, I’m one of those crazy Black Friday shoppers 🙂

  11. Never heard of this before, but it sounds good.