HOWARD B. WIGGLEBOTTOM Childrens Book Review Giveaway

Listens To His Heart
Children’s Book Review Giveaway

One of the greatest things you can do with your kids is read. We read to Ethan every night. He grabs a pillow, he favorite stuffed animals and cuddles up on the couch to read. Every. Night. We have instilled our love of reading in him and he doesn’t let us forget ‘It’s reading time”.

When I saw Howard B Wigglebottom Listens To His Heart I knew not only would he enjoy it, but it was a great book that would send a life learning lesson as well. We received this super book from the We Do Listen Foundation. It’s a nonprofit organization that encourages children to feel good about themselves and promotes life lessons through their books, games, music, and posters.

Howard B. Wigglebottom is a adorable bunny. In each book of this series he’s featured in, there’s a great life lesson told through an inspirational story. In Howard B. Wigglebottom Listens to His Heart, Howard stops dancing after his friends at school laugh at his less than smooth dance moves. With his Grandfathers help, Howard finds his self confidence  and despite the other kids jeers, he continues doing what he loves most, dancing! His Grandpa Sammy helps him learn some fancy new dance moves and after a lot of practice, Howard shows them off at his school's sock hop. And feels good about himself for doing so!

I love two things about this book. First, obviously the great life lesson of doing what you love and gaining self confidence. We also love the colorful pictures that really help enforce the lesson. Ethan is 5 and in Kindergarten. So he’s started experiencing some of teasing kids can do when they find out you have a hobby or quirk they don’t enjoy or understand. He almost gave up eating carrot sticks as part of his lunch because the other kids said they were ‘lame-o’. Yes, I had to try not to giggle at the word while explaining everybody likes different things and he can and should keep bringing his carrots rather than chips.

We can’t wait to get another book in this series! And, I really, really can’t stress enough to parents how important it is to read with the small frys EVERYDAY! Especially now that school is getting out for the summer! Learning doesn’t end when summer starts. If you read to them now, everyday, you will instill that love of reading too!

Grab a book, grab a blankie, and snuggle up every night and read! Here’s how we do it…

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Howard B. Wigglebottom hardcover books retail for $15 and can be purchased most everywhere books are sold in the U.S. and Canada. On the We Do Listen Foundation website, for buyers in the U.S., books are on sale for $6 each or $50 for a set of all ten in the series. What a deal! Really! That $6 gets you snuggle time and a great book with an even greater message!

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The great folks over at We Do Listen are giving one lucky Grandma Juice winner in the US or Canada the chance to receive a copy of the book of their choice!

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  1. jennifer reynolds says

    Howard B.Wigglebottom learns to listen!!!

  2. Kathy Smith says

    Howard B.Wigglebottom Learns Too Much of a Good Thing is Bad looks like a wonderful book to teach Gabriella!


    I think the one in the pictures look the best! I would like this one!

  4. Lily Kwan says

    I would choose Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns It’s OK to Back Away.

  5. sonia guerra/choni sonia guerra says

    And the monkey on his back sounds like a winner!

  6. Carley L. says

    I’d definitely like to win Howard B. Wigglebottom Listens To His Heart. The message of the story seems like it would be one that’d be great for all ages.

  7. I’d like “Learns to Listen.”

  8. bonnye sensenig says

    Howard learns about bullies!

  9. Terry Riley says

    Very interested in Howard B Wigglebottom Learns about Bullies.

  10. A tale about telling the truth.