Newmans Own Organics Review – Sponsor Spotlight

Newmans Own Organics

Newmans Own Organics Review – Sponsor Spotlight

I need to start this post out by saying this review has been an over-all family favorite. We received an embarrassingly large box from the VERY generous folks at Newmans Own Organics. It was jammed packed with so much yummy goodness we did not know where to start. Let’s start at the beginning….

Newmans Own Organics was established as a division of Newman’s Own in 1993, and became a separate company in late 2001. The great Paul Newman has given over $200 million to thousands of charities worldwide since 1982. (did you know my maiden name is Neuman? Just some Grandma Juice trivia thrown in)
Nell, Paul’s daughter says this about their fabulous company:

“We want to offer organic food products with wide consumer appeal. We feel that people want to know more about the food they eat, not just how much fat or cholesterol a product contains. How ingredients are grown and processed on the way to their grocers’ shelf is becoming more important to today’s consumer. Once people see how much organic foods have improved since the early days of packaged `health’ foods, we hope they’ll try other organic food products.”

And, Newmans Own Organics made true believers out of us over here at Grandma Juice’s house! There was not a single item we did not like! I really tried to find something too because the amount of different items they send is plentiful. They have tasked me with the job of picking our 4 favorite items to giveaway to one lucky reader. Now, that part was indeed hard! We each picked our favorite thing and here’s what we came up with.

 Newmans Newmans Own OrganicsOwn Organics Dried Fruits.

Ethan picked these as his favorite. Normally when you think of dried fruit, you immediately think tough, jaw breaking, and tasteless. This is the exact opposite of what you get with Newmans Own! We received Apples, Apricots and a Berry Blend. His favorite of the 3, was the berry blend but loved the apples and apricots as well. He’s the type of kid that doesn’t go for the candy. He likes sweet things for sure and these fit him perfectly. The dried fruit line is 100% organic and contains no sulfates. It is soft and chewy. None of that tough stuff here. He came home everyday after school, plopped himself on the couch with a bag. And, I didn’t feel one bit bad about letting him snack away on these.

Grandpa over here picked the Newman-O’s. Now, He’s an Oreo lover and I really Newmans Own Organicsassumed he’d say these aren’t as good. Wrong… In fact, he likes them even better. They have all the great chocolate and cream taste you’d expect and a really nice crunch. Grab a glass of milk and you’re set! (do you separate and lick or eat them whole?) I found this really great little Ode To Newman-O’s on their site:You might, m’lady tweak my nose. You could, m’lord step on my toes. But Heaven help those poor bozos, who try to filch my Newman-O’s. And, I kid you not, this is pretty much how Grandpa Juice treated them. Guarding them with his life and although he did share a few with us, that bag of cookies was all his!

My Newmans Own Organics favorite of the bunch was by far the sour licorice. If I die today, I die happy for having eaten every single flavor of sour licorice they make! Sour Strawberry, Sour Cherry, Sour Mango and Sour Cherry and… Pomegranate!! I may have even shed a tear when the Pomegranate was gone. Maybe. These are the first sour licorice twist made with organic ingredients. Licorice twists are the most popular kind of licorice candy and the organic sugar and sour crystals, derived from natural citrus sources, on the surface of the twists provides the special taste for all these tantalizing flavors. HEAVEN!

Collectively, we all decided we had to include the Fig Newmans. Soft, chewy Newmans Own Organicsand oh so yummy! We are always buying Fig Newtons. We love them. So when we tore into these bags (yes, tore is an accurate description of what we did to the bags!) We just knew we’d love them. And, of course we did. The figs used come from organic fig growers in California. And, they are the first fig bar made with organic figs, organic sugar, organic flour, and without hydrogenated oils. Figilicious!!!

I have to say aside from being one of our family’s favorite reviews thus far, it was also one of the hardest. Trying to narrow down four favorite items was extremely difficult. As I said, we were totally amazed with their generosity. The entire line includes: Pretzels,Chocolate Bars, Fig Newmans, Family Recipe Cookies, Chocolate Cups, Newman-O’s, Pop’s Corn, Alphabet Cookies , Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar, Dried Fruit ,Hermits, Mints, Licorice, Coffee and Royal Tea. Just know that you will never be disappointed in any of their products!

And, what’s even better… The super generous folks at Newmans Own Organics have allowed Grandma Juice readers the opportunity to win all four of the items I’ve been chatting about along with a special surprise they haven’t even filled me in on! Because these are so special, I’ve included this giveaway in our Summer Celebration Fan Appreciation Giveaway. I can’t think of a better way to show my super fantastic Grandma Juice readers how much we appreciate your support then to offer this wonderful collection from Newmans Own Organics as part of this celebration! Head on over HERE to enter to win these and some other great items we’ve put together to thank our fans and readers for such loyal and much appreciated support!


While no financial compensation was exchanged, we did receive promotional items from Newmans Own Organics to facilitate this review. 


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