Disney Pixar Brave Scottish Dance & Word Glossary

 Disney Pixar Brave Scottish Dance & Word Glossary

Disney Brave Dance

Disney Pixar Brave Scottish Dance & Word Glossary

Disney Pixar Brave is set to open on June 22nd! I could not be more excited! We’ll be bringing Ethan and attending the premier on the 20th! I promise, no spoiling the movie for you! I’ll wait until after it opens to tell you all about it!

But HEY!! Look what I have for you to teach the small frys and get them all excited! Cute, right? Ethan really, really tried… And, over all he kind-of sort-of did it. He is just like an elephant on skates, poor kid. What he was able to grab fully were these super fun Scottish sayings. He laughed so hard I think he snorted! Try them out! See who laughs first over at your house!



DREADFUL COLLYWOBBLES – Unwanted Stomachache Or A Bad Case Of The Nerves






LASS – Girl


LAD – Boy


MICHTY ME – Wow! Holy Cow! (can you let it rooool off your tongue?)

Did you laugh? Want more? Click HERE to see the full list! It’s totally worth it!
And don’t forget to check in on us to see how the premiere goes! I’m SO exited!!

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Grandma Juice would like to thank Disney Pixar Brave and their PR for allowing us to share this with our readers!


  1. You changed your look! I like it! 🙂 My favorite is Dreadful Collywobbles…I would definitely use it! haha
    Whirlwind of Surprises

  2. I can’t get over “JINGS CRIVENS HELP MA BOAB”, haha. Oh wow, I am going to have to start saying that now!

  3. This is so cute! Can’t wait to see this film 🙂

  4. I can’t wait to see this movie. My kids laugh, I can actually do this dance. I was a scottish dancer for 3 years. 🙂

  5. That’s hilarious. Love it!

  6. K @ Storytime Fun says

    Love it! I’ll have to try the dance and the phrases out at one of my storytimes. Lol!

    We saw the previews recently. It looks like a fun movie!

  7. That is so cute!! My daughter wants to see the movie so bad! I’ll have to take her!

  8. That’s funny! I’m looking forward to seeing it too!

  9. Haha! This is too cute! Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend. 🙂