Wines By Wives: Win A Diamond From Tamra Barney!

wines by wives

Wines By Wives
Win A Diamond From Tamra Barney

Wines By Wives has teamed up with the very happy and newly engaged Tamra Barney from Real Housewives Of Orange County! Remember when Tamra found the diamond in her glass of champagne? Well, she got her rock from Eddie and is keeping it. 1 very lucky person will win the diamond she found in her glass!

We are looking for the most awesome and compelling love stories. Really, tell us how you fell in love and knew it was the real thing. Tamra will then narrow the stories down to her 5 favorite and then turn it over to fans. Then the fans vote for their favorite stories! The story with the most votes, wins!

Contestants have until Sunday July 15 at 5 pm EST to submit their stories.

They also have the option of submitting 2 photos or a 1 minute video along with their written story (this is not a requirement to win the contest). The 5 top stories will be revealed on July 23rd on our website, where fans will vote until July 27th. The grand winner will be announced on August 1st. Yanina & Co is donating the setting for the ring.

Are you ready to win?

Visit, check out the form and and good luck!!


  1. Donna watts says

    I would like to enter the competition to win a diamond for
    My mum. My mum and dad have always had the best loving relationship. They have been married for over 25 years with 3 children. Although we didn’t have a lot of money they always had love. My dad has been diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer. My mum looks after him every single day and has given up her life to care for him. To me that is the epitome of love. They had so many plans for their future but they never let it get them down as they are thankful for every day they have with each other. I really hope I can win this for her for all the sacrifices she has made for love x

  2. Dear Tamra;

    I don’t have a great romantic love story. I have only been used and abused by men. That’s why I deserve to win!

  3. Denise Hecht says

    I would love to win it for myself I have been married for 32 years and never received a engagement ring I always wanted a real diamond ring but was never able to afford to buy one my husband always believed a engagement ring was immaterial. It would really mean a lot to me thank you so much for the opportunity.

  4. What a fun contest! Thanks for letting me know – I’ll be entering 🙂

  5. I’m such a huge fan of Wines by Wives!

  6. i know lots of ladies that would love this 🙂

  7. that sounds like such a fun competition! All about love stories, so sweet!

  8. lisa nelson says

    hi,my name is lisa and i have been with angelo for 12 years. We have always talked about getting married,but ang always felt like he needed to buy me an expensive ring.We have had i guess you can say bad luck .Ang has always worked very hard worker ,works construction….so that means being laid off in winter months dealing w unemployment . This past year he didnt make quota and we went 3 months with just living on one pay check,living every weekend just sitting home and me wondering if able to pay bills.ang has a heart gold give you his last dime .He has finally got the job he has wished for and we will be ok.I would love to win this for my ang.Like the saying goes nice guys finish last .I want ang to be the one who finishes first ,he is the love of my life and just wantbthe best for him.Actually I would love to him to win this .Tamara you would like ang the first time you would meet him.He needs something good to happen for a change… Thank you

  9. Sherri Stelletell says

    Please please Tamara can I submit my story today?