The Big Bang Theory: Seasons 1 & 2 On Blu-Ray Combo Pack

the big bang theory

The Big Bang Theory:
Seasons 1 & 2 On Blu-Ray Combo Pack

My mother in law is a tough woman to make laugh let alone see a smile crack her lips. We have this sort of ‘love / disgust’ kind of relationship going on. Sometimes, I go out of my way to turn something on the old boob tube that I just know she’ll hate. But, because she’s my baby daddy’s mommy, I know I need to get her on my good side every now and then. That’s where The Big Bang Theory comes in! She absolutely loves this show. Not only cracking a smile kind of love. That full on belly giggling, jiggling kind of love. So, we watch and LOL together.

The one thing that comes up nearly every time we watch is Howard’s mother! What does she look like? Why don’t the writers of The Big Bang Theory ever let us see her? I think she kind of looks like Flo! You know, the “Eat My Grits’ Flo… Big red hair, colorful outfits to match her ‘colorful’ personality! LOUD in every sense of the word!

MIL thinks she’s not quite the milk and cookies kind of mom but doesn’t see her as big and loud as I do. Naturally. She’s convinced The Big Bang Theory writers have her hidden away on purpose as this misunderstood, poor momma that just wants her baby happy. Uh huh. Sweet, gentle and caring just like her.

Do me a favor, go online and order your Blu-Ray DVD Combo Pack today and help me settle this! What do you think? What’s your mental image of Howard’s mother?  Then leave me a comment below and tell me I’m right!

I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord division to raise awareness for ‘The Big Bang Theory.’


  1. I’ve heard great things about this show, but haven’t gotten around to watching it yet! Definitely sounds like an awesome show 😀

  2. I love this show! I can’t wait to pick up the combo set. This is perfect for rainy evening when we are looking for a fun date night at home.

  3. I haven’t watched this show but I hear people talking about it online often. I need to check it out!

  4. I have heard about this but haven’t seen it. I might have to add this to my Blu-ray collection.

  5. My co workers always talk about this show, I haven’t showed but they tell me is hilarious, thanks for sharing!

  6. LOVE, love , love this show!

  7. Nikki Muroski says

    I haven’t seen the show yet but it definintely sounds interesting!!

  8. Denise G says

    I have seen this show and it is funny! Very different indeed!

  9. I’ve never seen the show. Thanks for the intro!