Disney Frankenweenie: National Dog Day Harris Says WOOF Thanks!

Disney Frankenweenie National Dog Day

disney frankenweenie

Disney Frankenweenie National Dog Day
Harris Says WOOF Thanks!

Did you know, today is National Dog Day! It totally is!

And, as a cool ‘Paw High Five” Sparky from Disney Frankenweenie dropped by to wish Harris a Happy National dog Day! Of course, Harris replied “WOOF thanks dude, and right back at ‘cha!”

The new hit from Disney, FRANKENWEENIE hits in theatres everywhere on October 5th! And you know, we’re absolutely going to be watching!

Harris got a good bath, a nice hair and nail trim and I’m thinking …. some special treats are in store for him! Sort of a Doggy spa day!

What are you treating your favorite furry friend to today for the celebration? Special treats? A doggy spa day? Your favorite pair of slippers to chew on maybe?

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Harris would like to say thanks to Sparky and Disney Frankenweenie for letting him share this super cool message with you all today!


  1. That movie looks great! I didn’t know it was National Dog Day. Thanks!

  2. We will give Alice extra hugs today!

  3. My little girl would love this movie… thanks for sharing!

  4. My little girl got special hugs for Natl Dog Day..

  5. LOOKS LIKE AN AWESOME MOVIE! Think my children would love it!

  6. Happy Dog Day!! I treated my dog to a new squeaky toy! 😀