Gluten Free Dessert Recipe: Cookies & Cream No Bake Cheesecake

Gluten Free Dessert Recipe: Cookies & Cream No Bake Cheesecakes

gluten free cookies and cream cheesecake

Gluten Free Dessert Recipe 
Cookies & Cream No Bake Cheesecake

Guess what??! I have my house back!! Yep, Jessica, my soon to be ex son-in-law and the grand kids… gone! Oh yeah, that’s total glee and cheer you sense coming from my little glowing screen! I know, next week, I’ll miss them. But for now, I’m enjoying my quiet, clean and peaceful home! But before she and the noisy bunch left, we made this super yummy, gluten free dessert. No bake Cookies & cream cheesecake. Since she’s got all those tummy issues and we all really wanted cheesecake, we headed to the old ‘Gogle Search’ and here’s what we found!

Mind you, these are gluten free, so we substituted regular Oreos for this great brand we found called Kinnikinnick. (no, they are not paying me or endorsing this, we just kinda dig them!) They make a gluten free chocolate/vanilla sandwich cookie that’s really good and doesn’t have that crappy after taste you sometimes find with gluten free cookies. If you don’t have the dietary restrictions, feel free to substitute them for your regular Oreo. I probably will now that they are gone. (For research purposes, of course)

Anyways, let’s get cooking! Gluten Free Dessert Style! Ready?


21 Kinnitoos (or oreo)
8 Ounces Cream Cheese (softened, we also used fat free)
1 Cup Heavy Cream (which is why we used fat free cheese. Cutting back ‘yo)
1 Teaspoon Pure Vanilla Extract (or, make your own with vanilla beans, like we did here when we made Creamy Rice Pudding)
½ Cup Sugar


You’re going to need a 12 holder muffin pan and those cute, frilly liners. Go get them, I’ll wait….

Put 1 cute, frilly liner in each of the muffin cups.
Next, put 12 of the gluten free (or not) cookies in a zip-loc type baggie and pound them with a rolling pin (or other pounding type item on hand) until they are finely crumbled. Divide the crumbs evenly between the muffin cups with the cute, frilly liners and press down with your thumb so they form a nice base. Put the rest of the cookies in the bag and break them up into smaller chucks (sorry, no pounding) Make sure there are some crumbly pieces as well, just not ‘finely crumbled’.

Using a mixer, whip the cream on high speed until it forms those nice stiff peaks (hand held is fine, no need to drag out the stand mixer unless of course you’re feeling all Martha Stewart-ish) Put the cream cheese, sugar and vanilla all in a large mixing bowl and beat on high until smooth and well blended. Nest, fold the whipped cream and left over crushed cookie pieces in, gently. Now, just spoon the mixture into the muffin cups with the cute, frilly liners. Place in refrigerator until time to serve!  (at least 15-20 minutes)

Lick the bowl, and ENJOY!

Like I said, we made these with the gluten free cookies mentioned above but you can use Oreo. Also, kinda just occured to me, you could even use chocolate chip!!!

If you have some great gluten free cookies options I could use, will you leave me the name and type in the comments? I’d like to switch it up and keep it new and exciting around here too, ya know!


  1. What a great recipe. I saw it and it totally reminded me of Halloween. Maybe a good recipe for our party then?

  2. One word, YUM! And we love Kinnitoos!

  3. I’m really going to have to try this! Looks amazing 🙂

  4. I will def. be making these! They sound so yummy!! I have not tried kinnitoos yet, but after seeing how yummy they look in your dessert I”m going to have too 🙂

  5. Those look delicious! I love cheesecake.

  6. Thankfully, we don’t have any gluten issues in our house but I would totally make this using the Oreos! Thanks for the recipe.

  7. These look delish! I can’t wait to try them out!

  8. **drool** I love Oreos, so this sounds great!

  9. mmmm that looks delicious!!

  10. Yum, you had me at cookies and cream. Excellent that it is also gluten free.

  11. Love that there is an option like this for gluten free! I think we’ll be trying this soon!

  12. These look so yummy! I especially love that I don’t have to turn the oven on while it’s still very much Summer. 🙂

  13. Sounds delish! So glad you have your house back too!

  14. This looks delicious and I’m not even GF!

  15. This really does sound good. I’d like to try a gluten free recipe. Thanks!

  16. This looks amazing! Thank you so much!

  17. Shared to fb and twitter – looks like a GREAT recipe! thanks.

  18. this looks and sounds so delicious! thanks for sharing

  19. This looks really amazing. My daughter is gluten intolerant I know she would love these.

  20. I’m a sucker for ANYthing with cookies and cream. This looks delicious!

  21. My kids love cookie & cream ice cream, so I bet they’d love these cheesecakes! And no bake…even better!!

  22. Totally just pinned this – cant wait to try it out! Thanks for sharing

  23. No glueten issues either but sounds amazing! Would love to see your finished product. Or they were just that good and the plate was clear 🙂 Love all things Orea.

  24. I love cheesecake and cookies and cream, so I’m going to have to try this soon.

  25. These look so easy to make. I’ll have to try those Kinnitoons.

  26. If I use chocolate chips how do I make the base?

  27. A great gluten free oreo like cookie is “Glutino” I find it Walmart but I have seen it at Meijers as well.


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