Grandma Juice Travels: Trip To San Diego And, We’re Off….

trip to san diego

Grandma Juice Travels: Trip To San Diego And, We’re Off….

Yep my juicy readers, today is the day! Our trip to San Diego begins!
“I’m ‘a leaving… on a jet plane…” Kidding. We’re driving. For 6 hours. Which will most likely turn into 12 with the traffic leaving Las Vegas heading towards our trip to San Diego. This was a dumb day to pick to leave Vegas! Everybody leaves Vegas on Sunday. A bunch of broke, hung over peeps is who we’ll be sitting in traffic with. Awesome.

Here’s our plan for the big trip to San diego, if you don’t hear from me by morning, we’ve either

A) Killed each other in the car
2) Got trapped in a port-a-potty in Barstow
Purple)  Forgot a spare, can’t change a flat, stuck on the roadside and captured by the Texas chainsaw Massacre guy
F) Still driving and Grandpa is pissed ‘cuz Ethan & I can’t time our pee-pee breaks better
Kitten) Lounging by the pool sipping Pink Pomegranate Daiquiri’s so don’t send help. We’re good.

We’ll be staying at the beautiful Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina! If you’re planning a trip to San Diego, you might as well go big or go home, right? We’re going big! They have 3 swimming pools, 3 hot tubs and poolside drink service. And if that’s not enough, there’s wifi in your room. I’m thinking I’ll be just fine!

Tuesday is mine and Grandpa Juice’s anniversary!! 13 years!  How did he put up with me that long? We’re celebrating on this little adventurous trip to San Diego by taking Ethan to Sea World that day! We’ll get to play with some dolphins, ride the new Manta roller coaster, take a behind the scenes tour and… of course see Shamu! It’s been a few years since we took our last trip to San Diego and stopped at Sea World and Ethan is beside himself.

Of course we’re going to hit up the fabulous San Diego Zoo! How could you not stop in there and hang with some monkeys and see the elephants?? Also!!! I heard they just had a baby panda! WOOT!

We’ll have a beach day, a stop at Canine Companions so Harris can see his peeps too. And, no trip to San Diego would be complete without hitting all the fun things there are to do downtown!

Keep checking back for updates on our wild trip to San Diego! It’s going to be awesome! I just have one question….

Does anyone have any tips on some hot spots to eat??? For real, I totally didn’t look up a single restaurant… Leave me your suggestions in the comments section. Please??!! You don’t want to see us starve… right?

Anyone? Bueller?

It’s 5:00 AM now… ya think we’ll be on the road by 10:00? Yeah, me neither. But, that’s my plan.


  1. OMG that sounds like a great trip. I need a break too. Have a great time!!!

  2. Never been but it sounds like you’re going to have fun. Can’t wait to read your posts when you come back.

  3. You are going to have a blast!

  4. HAVE A BLAST!!!!

  5. Lucky! I have never been to San Diego, but I am a huge Triple D fan! Here are two places in San Diego that look super yummy!!!!!!

    Have fun!!!

  6. I cannot wait to see how much fun you have!

  7. I hope you have fun on your road trip, and make it to San Diego safe and sound! I visited San Diego about 9 years ago on a 2-week vacation to Cali. It’s been so long though, I cannot remember a single restaurant we ate at!

  8. What a wonderful anniversary trip! This might just be a second honeymoon!!! Enjoy as San Diego is beautiful place and fun too! Best Wishes!

  9. Have a blast on your vacation! I love San Diego, my little brother lives there now. Whenever we visit we don’t really go out to eat, so no suggestions there. There are so many little ethnic restaurants , though, I’d just grab some grub at wherever’s near you!

  10. Jealous! Have fun on your little vacay!

    I still haven’t had my coffee yet – your math problem stumped me. haha

  11. HAHAH Love your list! I hope you guys have a blast and end up with option Z! 🙂

  12. Hope you have a safe trip. I was just in San Diego for a convention and we got a suggestion from the concierge to try Cafe 21 (which is in the gaslight district). It was amazing, we ate there for breakfast, very fresh and flavorful food! We also ate at MaryJanes coffee shop (which was ok), and Phil’s BBQ which was delicious if you like BBQ!

    Hope you enjoy your time in San Diego and Happy Anniversary!

  13. Hope you have a great trip and don’t kill each other!

  14. Have a blast! I would love to go to San Diego! It sounds so beautiful! I cannot wait to hear about your trip!

  15. Kathryn C. says

    Love San Diego although I haven’t been there in many years. Have fun!

  16. Congratulations on your anniversary! Hopefully I won’t kill my husband before we make it to 13 years.

  17. Congratulations! Love it. Sound like a FUN road trip. lol

  18. Sounds like fun indeed! Happy Anniversary :0)

  19. My SIL lives in Carlsbad, just north of San Diego. I love it down there. We love the San Diego Zoo too. Also, LegoLand is such fun with kids. Thanks for sharing!

  20. Have fun. I can’t suggest anything, because I have never been, but I can’t wait to hear about it.

  21. Have fun!!! Happy Anniversary!!

  22. I was in San Diego once and it was HEAVEN. I highly recommend watching the sunset at the beach at least once. It is a MOMENT. People congregate on the beach to watch it, it’s so beautiful. As for restaurants, we went anywhere, because it didn’t really matter…everything is good. We did the Zoo one day (awesome), and Universal another day, and Tijuana another day. That was interesting. You’ll love it. San Diego is fantastic.

  23. I love the San Diego Zoo!

    Have a safe trip and can’t wait to hear more about your va-cay to San Diego.

  24. I went to San Diego for a week this Summer over the 4th of July and we loved every minute of it! Have fun!

  25. It’s early Tuesday morning, so I am sure you have been having a great time enjoying the beautiful sites and weather that San Diego has to offer! Enjoy!

  26. I absolutely love that hotel! Great choice and the view is just spectacular. I know you’ll be alive at the end of your adventure and so refreshed and happy!

  27. We LOVE San Diego and we are there each year. But, we still haven’t been to Sea World! We do love the San Diego Zoo though, so I’m really glad to hear you will be going. Have a great time…looking forward to hearing about your travels. Oh, and let us know how you like the Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina — haven’t stayed there and we are always looking for great hotels in San Diego.