Grandma Travels: Trip To San Diego What We Learned In The Car

Grandma Travels: Trip To San Diego What We Learned In The Car

trip to san diego

Grandma Travels: Trip To San Diego
What We Learned In The Car

Traveling in the car with your family can be quite a trip (see what I did there, I made a pun funny) And of course our trip to San Diego was just as trippy as the next car load of weary, hot travelers. Some even get stuck in the dirty bathroom in hell and have a breakdown.    But, if you pay attention kids, you can even learn stuff! Sort of like watching Sesame Street but totally not, here’s what we learned in the car on our trip to San Diego:

Grandma Juice Learned This On The Trip To San Diego:

  • You can never drink too much Starbucks
  • U2 & Van Halen are now considered *Classic Rock* (this is BULLSHIT)
  • If you drink too much Starbucks, you’ll have to stop and pee in the bathroom in hell (and have a nervous breakdown)
  • The ‘Check Point’ you have to go through once crossing the CA border causes a huge traffic jam. Although, they never stop any cars to actually ‘check’ for anything
  • When you sit in a traffic jam for 2 hours and only move 20 miles, you can get quite cranky. Yelling at other drivers stuck in the same traffic jam does nothing to help the situation.
  • However, if you keep reminding yourself you are taking a trip to San Diego and staying at a beautiful resort with cabana boys who bring you alcoholic drinks with umbrellas and towels, it can seem a wee bit better.
  • You can never drink enough Starbucks

Ethan Learned This On The Trip To San Diego:

  • To be a Fire Wizard you need a red mask, red gloves, red pants and a red shirt (?????)
  • The passing trains will not stop if you yell “Mr. Conductor, wait! I have a ticket”
  • No matter how many times you ask “Are we there yet” the answer will always be NO. Until we are there, of course.
  • Drinking apple juice on a long car ride to San Diego has the same effects as smoking  a crack pipe.
  • And, honestly… we tuned him out after awhile. So, I’m unable to add more. His crack pipe apple juice blabber was just too much.

Grandpa Juice Learned This On The Trip To San Diego:

  • California drivers randomly and for no reason slam on their breaks. Even on the freeway. This makes him cranky.
  • The designated driver should remember ear plugs while driving on their trip to San Diego. This way, it won’t seem like my family is driving me crazy.

Come back tomorrow and see our very lux digs at The Sheraton Resort and Marina! Pulling in to their parking lot totally made this craptastic drive for our trip to San Diego worth it. And, we learned stuff. Like Sesame Street. But not.


  1. Sounds like the road trip was educational for all involved! 🙂

    • Grandma Juice says

      In the ‘mommy blogger’ clump, one must find educational moments where they can. This is about as good as ours gets sometimes 🙂

  2. Though I love my coffee I try to drink as little as possible on road trips. Too scared of sketchy unknown public bathrooms.

  3. even with the crankys it sounds like you guys had a pretty good time lol

  4. Oriana mommyhoodsdiary says

    I hope you’re enjoying your trip!! Sounds like you all are having lots of fun =) Thanks for sharing

  5. So agree with the Starbucks thing – that’s our first stop on trips, quickly followed by a bathroom break! Glad you survived!

  6. Really?! U2 is now considered classic rock. That’s crazy.

  7. I hope you’re enjoying your trip and your alcoholic drinks with umbrellas LOL! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Everything is a learning experience!

  9. I have to disagree with you on one point: yelling at other drivers stuck in the same traffic jam totally helps the situation! Well, at least if you just do it from the privacy of your own car with the window rolled up, so they can’t hear you and come slash your tires (or our throat, depending on where you’re stuck).

    I do agree that you can never drink too much Starbucks though! I want to hear more about the breakdown in the bathroom from hell.

  10. Anita Anderson says

    this is so funny. keep the stories coming.

  11. I almost died laughing as I read this! It sounds like yall had a fun time! I completely agree with what you found out about starbucks 🙂


  12. my husband drinks so much coffee on his trips!

  13. At least you guys didn’t drive all the way through Wyoming with huge wholes and bumps on the road on a full bladder thanks to Starbucks!!

    But yes, agrees: apple juice is like crack (is there anything worse than crack? then apple juice would be it)…20 miles in 2 hours, sounds like everyday Seattle!

    • Grandma Juice says

      Crack wasn’t a *thing* when I was young and cool like it is now, so I have no personal knowledge if anything is actually worse… But damn if those people on Intervention didn’t look exactly like a 5 year old drinking apple juice in the backseat of a long car ride…

  14. Sounds like such a fun trip!!

  15. Too funny! I love the classic rock line. And I know all about California freeways (having grown up there). But nothing is worse than NJ drivers!

  16. oh goodness! That sounds a little too similar to our family road trips, well minus the crack insight from your little guy. lol. I’m glad you had a great vacation once you got there to make up for the long distance travel. lol.

  17. I love the ear plugs thing!

  18. This is hysterical! Also incredibly true. We are in San Diego and I can relate to oh so many of the things you mentioned, especially the other drivers 🙂

  19. Hahaha! Sorry that the car trip wasn’t exactly up to par. At least you were able to make others smile 🙂 You have an awesome sense of humor!

    • Grandma Juice says

      That’s my job Mr Rockstar Alex…
      Leaving people with a smile 🙂
      Shows are at 7 & 9 PM weeknights… weekends are hit or miss

  20. Classic rock?!? Are you serious? Say it isn’t so…

    • Grandma Juice says

      It’s ‘So’ according to the crappy radio station in the middle of nowhere! ‘Classic Rock From Death Valley’ or something obnoxious like that. I yelled at the DJ to TAKE IT BACK… he didn’t. I needed more Starbucks

  21. can never have enough Starbucks, was it me or was that a huge part of this? 😉

  22. I love the different points of view! It sounds like a fun trip and I definitely agree that you can never have too many Starbucks drinks.

  23. Ah what fun! Note to self** I must remember not to let the grandchildren have surgery drinks in the car while traveling with me! ; )

    • Grandma Juice says

      We even buy the *low sugar content* stuff cuz that’s what all good mom’s are supposed to do these days… It totally doesn’t matter! Save yourself some $$… buy the loaded crap.

  24. Kathy ya know!!!! says

    I’m glad it was fun for all :). Now you should start working on that trip to Chicago:) we will have fun…. And can’t beat Larry Lujack. Lol maybe he’s considered classic too 🙂

    • Grandma Juice says

      Larry Lujack has got to be considered *ancient* now-a-days… isn’t that sad? (side note *Queen ‘Another One Bites The Dust’ also came on, Grandpa Juice informed me this is the perfect rhythm for CPR, however, they don’t suggest singing it out loud while performing this task. Especially in front of love ones hoping your skills will work on their heart crashed victim)

      We need to do the Chicago trip! Let’s rent a convertible too! Drive like Thelma & Louise…. just not over the edge of a cliff… we’ll drive straight into Bolingbrook and show them what these chicks got!

  25. kris petty says

    Fun despite t crancky attitude! Love it 🙂


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