Hoover WindTunnel Air Bagless Upright Vacuum Review

Hoover WindTunnel Air Bagless Upright Vacuum

hoover windtunnel vacuum

Hoover WindTunnel Air
Bagless Upright Vacuum

I have to say, when I 1st pulled this out of the box, I was really wary if it could handle my house! We have 2 dogs, a cat & Ethan. Not to mention my crazy family that was visiting for 6 weeks! It’s SO lightweight I was doubting it’s ability. Good things come in small packages because this Hoover WindTunnel Vacuum really SUCKED!

Like, sucked all that dog hair right up. I went over the family room carpet and I think we picked up stuff that’s been there since the day we moved in! But, to give it a bit of a test, I did all four bedrooms with my Bissell (which I do love!) 1st to see if it picked up anything that was left behind. The Hoover WindTunnel  picked up a ton of hair left behind. And honestly, I sort of felt guilty for letting the small fry play on the carpet this whole time thinking it was clean! It impressed me after that.

hoover windtunnel vacuum

(GROSS! Left over hair from other vacuum)

I loved that it’s bag less & I don’t have to spend tons of money replacing those! I love that the Hoover WindTunnel has a super long cord, which makes the whole vacuuming chore go much quicker not stopping to replug constantly. Again, I LOVE how lightweight it is! It’s only 12 lbs! Being disabled puts a bit of restriction on what I’m able to lift, push, pull etc. The Hoover WindTunnel made it a breeze even for me sitting in my wheelchair.

I really also like that the Hoover WindTunnel has a HEPA media filter that traps 99.97% of dirt, dust and pollen. Ethan has horrible allergies. We can’t send the dog off because he’s my service dog and we can’t get rid of Ethan, so we’re vacuuming a lot! The fact that it traps so much gunk was great!

The hose attachment made getting in the corners very easy and I was able to grab that stray spider web that’s been hanging in the corner of my family room.  The one thing I would have liked to see but not a deal breaker was a self-winding cord! Because it’s so long, it was a bit of a bummer not having that feature.  Again, not a deal breaker but a nice bonus offered with some similar models.

The only thing that would make me chose a similar model over the Hoover WindTunnel is the brush attachment that allows you to do furniture etc. As I said, we have pets (looooong haired pets!) and I missed being able to grab the brush attachment to vacuum the hair off the couch. If all that added ‘hairiness’ isn’t an issue for you, I think you’ll be very happy!

The price is great for what you’re getting and I’d recommend the Hoover WindTunnel Air for sure! Especially sending those kiddos off to college or their first grown-up apartment! Small, lightweight, a good dirt sucker! They will have NO excuse not to keep things just as clean as mom does.

I received a sample of the Hoover Windtunnel to facilitate my review, but my opinions are entirely my own. 


  1. I have one of these and I LOVE it. What I like is how lightweight it is and easy to use.

  2. I have one, I think my carpets are a bad height for it because the no height adjustment was a downside for me (I can’t pull backwards or my carpet comes off the ground). I haven’t seen anyone else mention that though so hopefully when we move this fall the carpets will be at a better level for the machine so it won’t be an issue. I too was shocked at how much ‘stuff’ came out of my carpet that my other vacuum was missing!

  3. Oh, I am jealous of your Hoover AND of your flooring! Gorgeous!


  4. I have heard such great things about this vacuum from various people! I’ll be checking it out when it’s time to purchase a new one!

  5. Nice! I want one!

  6. Your floors ARE so pretty. I like how neat this vac looks. And that it works well for being smaller. Great review and pics!

  7. We are in the market for a new vacuum, I love that this one is bagless and light I will be considering it for sure!

  8. This looks nice, we are in desperate need of a new vacuum, thanks for the recommendation

  9. oh how I wish this was a giveaway post!!! 😉 I would love to have a baby like that!

  10. I love that it’s lightweight! Our vacuum is so darn heavy and I can barely move it.

    We have pets too and they shed A LOT!! I’m constantly cleaning up cat hair everywhere- yuck!

  11. I have used bagless vacuums forever. We have 4 dogs and it is great to be able to empty it instead of purchasing bags.

  12. I got this vacuum at amazon and I love this thing. It’s lightweight so I can take it up the stairs without a hassle and it was pretty cheap too. Check it out if you’re looking for a cheap one!