Pink Pomegranate Daiquiri Recipe: Celebrate Summer Alcohol Drink!

Pink Pomegranate Daiquiri Recipe: Celebrate Summer Alcohol Drink!

 Pink Pomegranate Daiquiri Recipe
Celebrate Summer Alcohol Drink!


I’m totally getting my house back in 3 sleeps and a wake-up! Woot! I may dance naked… maybe.
My daughter, soon to be ex son-in-law and 2 of the grand kids will be packing up and hitting the pavement. You know, my family is driving me crazy so… (happy dance) Bitter sweet? Maybe. But my house will be quiet, clean and I won’t be clearing shelves at the grocery store anymore. (you’re welcome crazy coupon lady that gave me dirty looks last week)

Speaking of which! When I was making my list this week and matching coupons, I found this gem for Pom Wonderful pomegranate juice coupon and wondered what super, alcohol fueled, celebration type drink I could make with it…. How does this sound: Pink Pomegranate Daiquiri!!! I know! Booze and pomegranate. They belong together. AmIRight? Also, I’m throwing in some of that Silk Fruit & Protein Soy drink, you know, so I can trick myself into thinking it’s also healthy and crap. Besides, Ethan loves that stuff and I needed to buy it anyways. 2 birds, 1 stone and all.

So, wanna know how to make this booze-a-licious (just made that word up) Pink pomegranate daiquiri recipe?  Which I’m officially naming THE ‘Celebrate Summer Alcohol Drink’ (BTW)

Pink Pomegranate Daiquiri

2 shots Bacardi Rum (I’m using more, probably)
2 shots POM Wonderful Pomegranate juice
1 cup Silk Fruit & Protein Soy Drink
4 Ice cubes


Dump it all in a blender, BLEND!!!

How easy was that? You’re welcome! And really, as far as alcoholic drinks go, it does has that protein soy drink in it so it’s kinda healthy. I don’t recommend switching it out for your pre-work protein drink or anything, but still. Up to you. It has delicious pomegranate juice too! That’s healthy. (right?) Come on, give me this one, it’s been a mad house here, and… I deserve it!

It is a really pretty pink color. So, maybe a bachelorette party type drink too? I suppose the guests at a girl baby shower would love it, but the poor knocked-up mommy to be would be bummed. Just throwing it out there…

Where would you serve it?




  1. That looks yummy! I am totally going to try this!

  2. Yum! We need to have these the next time I am in Vegas!

  3. That looks fantastic! Gonna try this one!!
    And I’ll be back to try more of your recipes!

  4. I love fruity drinks! I also love POM so this looks fabulous!

  5. Sounds delicious and perfect for any summer BBQ with friends!

  6. YES please!! 😀 It is 5 o’clock somewhere, right?

  7. I have been on a pomegranate kick lately…this sounds excellent – thanks!

  8. YUM! Now this just sounds delicious!

  9. Sounds amazing! Can’t wait to try it!

  10. We don’t drink so I wonder if we could leave out the rum and make it that way? I love fruit drinks.

  11. Sounds pretty good. I would have to substitute out the soy milk for something else for myself but bet this recipe the way it is would go fast at a party.

  12. Wow, now THAT is a drink! Love it! I am usually a closed mind sipper, but this just sounds too interesting to pass up. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Um, yeah – I could use one of those right about now! It’s 5 o’clock somewhere – right?

  14. Ooh looks good & sounds good!!

  15. Yum sounds wonderful! Congrats on getting your house back. Been there done that.

  16. Looks delish! And I love pink…so perfect for a girls’ night in {or out!}

  17. OOooo! This is definitely my friday drink of choice. Looks amazing!

  18. I will probably be adding much more rum, too. I normally drink strawberry daiquiris (as far as fruity drinks go), but pomegranate sure sounds delicious.

  19. Sounds yummy and it looks oh so pretty!

  20. 0_0 This looks so freaking delicious.


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