Recipe: Roasted Pork Tenderloin With Apricot Walnut Chutney

roasted pork tenderloin

Recipe: Roasted Pork Tenderloin
With Apricot Walnut Chutney

So while we were off exploring on our trip to San Diego, I told you we had our anniversary dinner at The Harbor’s Edge Dining Room in The Sheraton Hotel & Marina. I posted the recipe for my delicious dish, which was Grilled Salmon with a Pinot Noir Reduction & Truffle Garlic Spinach (if you haven’t seen it, you’re totally missing out dude!)  I’m lazy getting back into the swing after our awesome trip and need a vacation from our vacation, but I really (really) want to share what Grandpa over here had. It’s the best roasted pork tenderloin we’ve ever had! They made it with a side of yam puree & some heavenly apricot walnut chutney.

For real, with fall right around the corner this is going to make your top #10 ‘must make’ lists! Totally qualifies as a ‘holiday dish’ too! Go on and impress the cranky, never happy with your cooking mother-in-law with this! I am giving you my personal guarantee that she will not only love it, she’ll stop picking at you… at least for a week or so! The chef’s over at The Sheraton did a suburb job of keeping our belly’s full and happy… yours will be too after this! Ready? Let’s start with the apricot walnut chutney. And don’t be all intimidated if you’ve never made a chutney before. It’s easy peasy!


1 1/2 Pint Malt Vinegar
1lb Light Brown Sugar  (and not the hard, dried up crap, use nice soft fresh!)
1lb Onions (chopped)
8oz Apricots (if you’d rather, totally cool to use dates or raisins instead)
1oz Ground Ginger
Pinch (or so) Salt
4oz Walnuts (chopped into chunky pieces)
1 tsp cayenne pepper (totally optional if you like a bit of kick!)


The most important part of this, is the stir, stir, stirring… It’ll will start to stick and burn to the bottom of the pan. Keep that in mind. To make the chutney, start by putting the vinegar and sugar into a large sauce pan; bring to boil. Add everything else but leave out the walnuts. Allow that to boil. Cook, stirring, stirring, stirring as it thickens. This should reduce by just about 1/3 or slightly more  – remember – it will thicken even more once cold. And that’s totally it!! See, nothing to be intimidated by! Stir in the walnuts when ready to serve! DONE! (you can put these in sterilized jars and seal and it will keep for up to 1 year)

Ok, ready for the roasted pork tenderloin? Just set the chutney aside, in fridge, whatever… we will warm it up a bit prior to serving the roasted pork tenderloin.


1 lb. Of Pork Tenderloin (or 2lbs for 8 servings)
1 tbsp Olive Oil
2 Pinch Sea salt (to taste)
1/2 tsp Fresh Ground Pepper (to taste)
1 tsp Cayenne Pepper (if you’re going with the ‘kick’, optional)


Place rack in the middle of oven. Preheat to 400*. Sprinkle the pork tenderloin with salt, pepper and cayenne if you’re brave enough for the kick. Also, some people prefer to rub rather than sprinkle, totally your call on that.

On stove top, heat the oil in a large, ovenproof skillet. Cook the pork tenderloin until browned on all sides (about 5 minutes each side) Cover the skillet with an ovenproof lid or foil and place in the oven. I hate using more pans than I have to, so I used the ovenproof skillet this way. You can use a frying pan and transfer pork tenderloin to deep oven dish as well. As always, I go with easy and less mess.

Roast pork tenderloin (covered!!!) for 20 to 25 minutes (instant read thermometer should register 150*) Transfer to a serving platter and let rest (10 minutes) Slice. Spoon chutney on top of pork tenderloin and serve to the amazement of your guests who’s taste buds will now be thanking you!



  1. This sounds insanely yummy!

    • Grandma Juice says

      It is!! He’s STILL talking about how good it was. and for real, it was SO insanely tender…

  2. I’ll be over for dinner. Should I bring wine?

    • Grandma Juice says

      You should absolutely bring LOTS of wine!! I love wine! I’ve said that here before, right? LOL LOTS of wine!

  3. That looks amazing!

  4. Ooooh apricot walnut chutney…now that’s a first for me. (and I absolutely adore apricots!!)

    • Grandma Juice says

      I was slightly intimidated at the thought of making a chutney!! I’m so silly!! Look how easy! And.. it was way way way delish!

  5. I am soo into this recipe! It looks so good. Adding a few items to my grocery list….

    • Grandma Juice says

      Oh Ms Marie!
      Wait until you taste! To.Die.For!!

      Let me know what you think! (and have some wine, too)

  6. That looks great! I’m not a pork person, but your picture is awesome!

  7. Drool! My mouth watered when I saw this! Looks amazing. Thanks for the recipe!

    • Grandma Juice says

      That’s why I’m here. Well, other than to pick at my crazy family, of course 🙂

  8. That looks and sounds amazing!

  9. Looks so yummy!!!

  10. This sounds wonderful.

  11. We eat a lot of pork here…great recipe thanks!

  12. I guess we will need to try this, it looks so yummy! My hubby loves pork, so I know he would enjoy it!

  13. Yum yum yum! Sounds delicious!


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