Grandma Juice Travels: Trip To San Diego Sheraton Resort & Marina Activities

trip to san diego

Grandma Juice Travels: Trip To San Diego
Sheraton Resort & Marina Activities

Where did I leave off? Oh yeah, all the fun stuff you can do at The Sheraton on your trip to San Diego!

Obviously, there’s the cool pool with the cabana boys that bring you fuffy (there’s my made up word again, feel free to use it) drinks that have umbrellas in them. Under that blue canopy there, they have a sort of snack, drink, bar type spot as well. Perfect for hot sweaty kiddos and for thirsty adults both. VERY family friendly for sure. Actually, on your trip to San Diego while staying at The Sheraton, there’s tons of family adventures to be had!

trip to san diego


During the day, kids can let loose and enjoy cannon ball contests, a water balloon toss, all kinds of pool games and sweet water activities. And, the adults, we can unwind too! Lay by the pool (and watch cabana boys??) while soaking up some rays. There’s cardio tennis, adult putt putt, boat rentals and drink specials. Then, when the sun starts to go down, the whole family can come together to relax under the stars during the poolside Dive-In-Movies every Friday and Saturday evening. I’m telling you, it’s SO much fun! They really take care of you on your fun, family trip to San Diego!


trip to san diego


Need to get your workout on while you’re on a super fun trip to San Diego? Oh yeah, they have got you all hooked-up there too! To keep your fitness program in check, the have a fully appointed fitness center with cardio treadmills and a variety of Cybex body toning machines and Stairmasters. Free weights are available, a sauna, steam room, of course the swimming pools and lockers. There’s also an awesome full service spa! I know!! A SPA!!! Even Ethan got his fitness on!


trip to san diego

(muscle man!)


We also were able to do some super cool water activities right in Mission Bay. Jet skis, wake boarding, boating, paddle boats… Yeah,  you name it and The Sheraton will help you get hooked up with the right peeps for that! There’s also our favorite, the cruises. There’s a bunch of different choices. Romantic dinners, casual cruising around the bay and the one we landed on… (OK, Ethan totally called this one on his own) The Sheraton hooked us up with a private tour/excursion Pirate Ship Adventure!


trip to san diego

See that sweet and VERY realistic pirate ship? Yeah, we totally were on it! (post to come this week) It’s not only realistic looking… it’s totally REAL. I can’t wait to share all those awesome details with you but know this:
Ethan is now a REAL pirate and even pulled a sunken treasure filled with pirate gold right out of the water! Our trip to San Diego was so, so awesome!

We had every need and want imaginable right there. Rent-a-car? No prob Bob, they round one up for you. Shuttle to the airport? They have your back. Wifi was available both in our room (you know I was totally plugged in) and in the very comfy lobby. Yes, the important question… they DO have Starbucks! Grandpa dragged his butt down there every morning to grab my fav coffee. The Harbor’s Edge Dining Room cooked up up some tasty and fancy dinners and Quinn’s had our burgers & beer just how we like ’em!

And I have to give one final shout out to my BFF Mark. He made our trip to San Diego so awesome! As a Sheraton employee, he was the MOST hospitable guy… I appreciate his time in sitting down and chatting with me. His excitement for his job and this hotel brand just beamed. He’s got a great team of employees standing behind him too. He’s not a one man show (as much as I love this one man) I really have to thank the entire staff for going above and beyond to be helpful and ‘Johnny On The Spot‘ with our every need. They were even awesome when it came to Harris! They have a Pets Welcome policy. And even though Harris is my service dog and not a typical ‘pet’… they made sure to include his needs in our plans. And, my BFF Mark, he has the 2nd cutest dog in the world. So, there’s that. Mark… I love you, man! <3 <3 <3

trip to san diego


 Our trip to San Diego was partially sponsored by The Sheraton San Diego.


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