Better Sleeping With Technogel Pillow {Review}

technogel pillow

Better Sleeping With Technogel Pillow

I’ve been pretty open about the car accident I was in. You know, where I tried to fly through the windshield and not get hurt? It didn’t work out too well as I’ve said and I have a spinal fusion to show for that unsuccessful stunt. And true, the fusion does indeed keep my head firmly attached to my neck, it makes for finding a comfy pillow (among other things) almost impossible. After seeing quite a bit of press about the Technogel Pillow, I reached out and asked them if I could give it a try.

I’m safely going to estimate we’ve spent $100’s of dollars on pillows for me. Extra firm, ultra firm, kinda firm, a little firm… I spend most of the night squishing them all into the ‘spot’.  You know which one, right? That ‘spot’ that keeps your head from being all tipped too far back and crimped up? Yeah! That one. It’s exhausting. Little sleep and lots of squishing makes me cranky. I’ve had my technogel pillow for about 3 weeks now and can honestly say, I haven’t had to squish it around to find that ‘spot’ a single time!

technogel pillow

Technogel Pillow Technology:

The blue pockets of gel are layered with memory foam. Each Technogel pillow adjusts to an individual’s contour. Rather than a 1 size fits all pillow, it’s made to form to your specific shape and eliminates all that squishing going on to fit into the ‘spot’. And, one of the really cool (pun intended!) that comes with using the Technogel pillow is it’s ability to lower body temperature. Those little blue gel pockets helps to disperse heat. They help wisk it away keeping the back of your neck cooler. And, there’s that whole night sweaty thing I said I had going on too, the other day.  I absolutely flip the pillows over to get the cool side! Do you like the cool side of the pillow? This does help with that as well!

The Technogel pillow is available in 4 different styles, as well as 2 travel U shapes. Depending upon your sleeping habits and needs, you’re able to pick the one that best suit you. Back sleepers, side sleepers, flip floppers… they’ve got you covered!

The only thing that may or may not take some getting used to is that the Technogel pillow is quite a bit heavier than your average store bought pillow. I didn’t find it a problem at all. In fact, it made it much easier to get in the sweet spot and stay put. It comes with a nice soft, jersey type material for a cover. I haven’t even put a pillow case over it. It really feels kinda nice against the skin on my cheek.

technogel pillow


Grandpa over here has used it quite a few times and even though he doesn’t have all the metal gear in his neck says it makes for a good nigh’s sleep for him as well. We like it so much, we’ll be adding it to this year’s Holiday Gift Guide! Be sure to stop back in when that’s in full swing to win a Technogel Pillow for yourself!


While no financial compensation was exchanged, Grandma Juice Blog received a Technogel Pillow to facilitate this review. All opinions are our own. and, we only recommend products and services we think our readers will enjoy. 


  1. Wow, I’d love to try this pillow! Being pregnant it’s been so uncomfortable to get some sleep!

  2. This does sound great. I have back problems, and have been trying a variety of pillows to help me sleep better. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I’ve had trouble finding a good pillow for myself as well. I like the one I have now, but this pillow looks really nice! Will be back to enter!

  4. This looks like such a comfortable pillow. I want one!

  5. Hey, now that is a cool pillow! (pun intended). Seems like a great product, thanks for sharing it with us!

  6. Oh that cooling feature would be especially welcome on miserably humid evenings. I like that. And I know what spot you’re talking about so it’s nice you no longer have to go on the hunt for it!

  7. We are in need of new pillows over here. I like that it keeps you cool. My husband is like an oven! He would love one.

  8. I’m very picky about my pillows. These sound nice, I like one that is firm.

  9. That just looks so strange to me but I bet it’s super comfortable.

  10. I have issue sleeping because of my fused vertebrae in my neck so I may have to give this pillow a try.

  11. My husband has various neck/back issues. I am thinking this pillow might help him sleep a lot sounder and comfier. Thanks for the recommendation!

  12. This pillow looks great. I could sure use it, especially when I was pregnant. Thank you for sharing. I had not heard of this technology or this brand before. I appreciate your review!

  13. Alisha Kostiuk says

    I think I need to look into these, every morning I wake up and my neck has a horrible pain in it.

  14. This pillow looks so comfortable. I don’t sleep well at all, maybe this would help. Thanks for the review!

  15. I have been looking for a good pillow for YEARS and will have to check this one out, thank you

  16. I want one!

  17. These sound so amazing, I’ve always wanted one! Amazing review – Makes me want one ever more lol 🙁 – It might be time to invest.

  18. I bet I would like that! {above} Why oh why do you make me do math this early in the morning!


  19. I really want to try one of those pillows, it might help me sleep better!

  20. It definitely looks like a nice pillow to try. 🙂

  21. I need to try this pillow! How neat.

  22. I have one and LOVE it!! My favorite pillow.

  23. I have tried technogel, and would kill or die for a cooling pillow like this. In fact…my birthday is in less than 2 weeks. Cool!

  24. Great review of the Technogel pillows Ms. Keller! We tried hundreds of pillows before decided on Technogel last year for our stores. The size differences cover almost all of our customers needs for a neutral neck posture + the Gel is just cool! If anyones interested I’ll have a Technogel pillow giveaway up on Facebook starting October 22nd.


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