I’m a Joker I’m a Smoker I’m a Midnight Toker No, I’m A Blogger!



‘Cause I’m a picker, I’m a grinner
I’m a lover and I’m a sinner
I play my music in the sun…..

I realize that I’ve done this without your consent, and for that my dear readers, I apologize. But for the past few weeks, I’ve been conducting an experiment of sorts. On you? Yes. But also FOR you! (I’m cool like that.)

We’ve talked about this here before. My lack of conformity in the mommy blogger category. It just ain’t me. (See, mommy bloggers don’t say ‘ain’t’, they use proper grammar) No, my world isn’t (ain’t?) all pink hearts, unicorns sliding down rainbows with bows on their tales. Nope, not me.  At.All. My world is full of wiping poopy butts, daughters who get knocked up in high school, my love of wine and reality TV and my uncanny ability to over share my family’s (mis)adventures.

So, the question I always get asked and, truth be told, ask myself is… where do i fit? We’ve established I’m not a mommy blogger, I’m certainly not a socialite or fashion blogger. Frugal, not so much anymore so selecting the deal blogger box is out. I’m for sure not into attachment parenting blogger (see here for proof that they may kill me in my sleep) I don’t have a craft blogger type bone in my body unless you count coloring with Ethan. and even then, I go outside the lines. So, what’s my ‘niche’. What box do I check?

The last few weeks, I’ve sort of been experimenting on you. Tracking your habits on my site. What crap do you click on most among all the craptastic posts that I throw up on the wall? Which ones stick? Ya know what I found? You people love it when I tell you my family is driving me crazy! That and my recipes. Which really makes my family laugh, snort and shoot milk out of their noses because they think my cooking pretty much sucks.

I feel pretty good about all that quite frankly! I love to TMI about my family. I owe them a bit of public humiliation after the years of crazy shenanigans I’ve spent with them. If my snarky, witty way with words gives you a giggle, even better! I love getting the texts saying ‘Really mom, you had to say THAT’… Yes, yes I did.

Let’s face it. I’ll never be a Pioneer Woman. I don’t have a job, so I can’t claim my fame by being Dooced. But maybe, just maybe, when I grow up, I’ll be all Bloggess like. She gets paid to drop the ‘F’ bomb like hot rocks! I can totally do that.

Oh… and you also dig cute cat videos and 1/2 naked Vampires… Since I’m having a bit of a True Blood withdraw… I’ll leave you with this. As a Thank You for being my test subjects. Without permission.

Forgive me?

blogger bait


  1. Hilarious! I am sitting here ROFL well in my chair anyway. GF I know what u mean. My boys’ are 21, 14 & 12. Yes! I am a mom but definitely not a Mommy Blogger. But then I’ve never been one to conform to society’s views either. You definitely have a kindred spirit in me. I love wine, hard liquor and anything else I want too. LOL My shows are Breaking Bad, and the Newsroom, go figure LOL Love u for this!

    • Grandma Juice says

      Don’t get me started on the Patron! There was this 1 time, Grandpa and I were at the Casino bar with 2 very awesome lesbians and a drunk, obxoxious republican guy… (sounds like the beginning of a joke, huh?)
      I’ve wanted to watch Newsroom and haven’t… more for my DVR list.

  2. Totally forgiven…well maybe not, if it will get you to put up more of those photos 🙂

  3. Let’s toast to the not the mama bloggers!

  4. Never settle for anything less than what you are. Finding a balance for yourself and us readers so all are happy is a hard thing to do. I’m glad you did your testing. You crack me up when you are YOU.

  5. It’s funny, the posts that do the best for me are my very few and far between craft posts and my recipes. So I guess I better start getting my craft on!

    And apparently I cannot do math because I didn’t pass the CAPTCHA on the first time, so no educational posts!

    • Grandma Juice says

      Get your craft on!!!
      And no worries about the educational posts… going back to college as an adult was torture. I would never do that to you. Promise!

  6. You crack me up!! Oh, and we are only halfway through the last True Blood Season. Don’t tell me what happens!! =) And one never gets tired of seeing Erik!

  7. I hope I got the math problem right! ^^^^
    Also – i’ve always cringed at the term “mommy blogger”. I guess I technically am one, but it seems so smarmy! I’m glad you are staying true to posting what makes YOU you – keep on truckin’ girlfriend….errrrr grandma! 😉

  8. Do what you love to do and make it your own is my mantra!

  9. There’s no need to fit inside a box. Keep writing for you. That’s what’s important. That’s why I always just choose lifestyle… because they don’t define what type of lifestyle!

  10. Not many blogger fix into a perfect box – do what you love and run with it!

  11. I don’t really have a niche either. I’m sick of people saying thats wrong or I need to choose.

    If Grandma doesn’t have to neither do I! 🙂

    • Grandma Juice says

      ‘Cuz Grandma’s know best!
      Well, I think we just get away with more crap because we are’Grandma’ …??

  12. To quote a Broadway song (BB’s fav music) –
    I am what I am
    I am my own special creation.
    So come take a look,
    Give me the hook or the ovation.
    It’s my world that I want to take a little pride in,
    My world, and it’s not a place I have to hide in.
    Life’s not worth a damn,
    ‘Til you can say, “Hey world, I am what I am.”

    From La Cage Aux Folles.

    Snap just realized the drag queen who sings this looks just like me. : 0

    You continue doing w/ya doin’ Grandma ’cause you groovy and the world needs more of us Groovy Grandmas. ; )

    Abrazos y BB2U.

    • Grandma Juice says

      I want a drag queen to look like me!!!!
      Groovy Grandmas & Drag Queens – Now there’s a musical!
      Or porn?

  13. Kathy ya know ..me!!!! says

    Just thankful you don’t post about your “in person” friends :). And no comment on the cooking sections. Bwahhhhhh

  14. Grandma Juice says

    I can’t talk about you, you see all these crazy shenanigans play out in real time, when they aren’t funny 🙂
    And you’d be very proud of what we pump out in the kitchen these days!! Even ole Grandpa now sometimes plans dinner around blog/photo quality…

  15. You are so funny!!!You should link this up next week. And I AM THE BIGGEST TRUE BLOOD FAN! Yum!

  16. You are fabulous just the way you are!

  17. Keep posting pictures of that hot Viking and you can be any kind of blogger you want.

    I’m with you – I don’t fit a “niche” and hate feeling like I have to. I have never belonged to one group in life so this pigeonholing sucks. But whatever niche you’re in, I’ll be happy to be in with you.

  18. I don’t know where I “fit,” either!!!

    I really have no niche. I need a category that’s just called, “And then there’s this chick.”

  19. I don’t believe in niche. I have the word save in my name so some automatically think of me as a deal blogger. Just go with Mom Blogger. It pays the bills lol

    PS I have that pic of Eric on my iphone screen and I have to slide over right where the sheet begins every time I get a call LOVE it

  20. I’m probably technically a mommy blogger, except my husband blogs too… and we blog about a whole lot of other stuff.. I honestly wish that people would stop trying to put us into compartments and just let us blog…

  21. Great post! We all have to be who we want to be and not fit into everyone else’s mold!

  22. You’re definitely one of a kind! Thanks for the beautiful image!

  23. haha! You rock for being YOU!

    And um…..not all mommy bloggers use proper grammar. hahaha! Just sayin’! 😉

  24. You are forgiven. I wasn’t sure up until that last picture. Then I guess I can forgive ya, as long as you send him over to my house ;).

  25. Love this, I HATE when someone calls me a mommy blogger as I am the furthest thing from it (no offense to them, but it is so NOT me…my kids are grown). I have learned not to worry about niches, just be yourself:)

  26. Love your honesty! I’m also having blog issues and am trying to provide more variety for my readers – it is hard to please everyone and I jsut want to blog and review and have people pay attention – kwim? ughhh so hard to worry about GPRs and Alexa and how many likes follows and whatevers my blog has – it can be aggravating – just do what you do best and people will either love or hate it but – who cares as long as it is what you want!

  27. LOL! I really love this post! So interesting and lovely! I really enjoyed reading it 🙂
    Thanks for sharing it!

  28. Stevie Nanstad says

    Well whatever type of blogger you are funny is definitely one of your strong points.

  29. People are different if we all were the same it wouldnt be interesting. Thank you. Jerri Davis

  30. Carolyn Flanagan says

    haha thanks for the good laugh and for the wonderful eye candy pic! put up more of those!! 🙂