Blueprint to Quit Smoking Will I Make It Ya Think?

blueprint to quit

Blueprint to Quit Smoking, Will I Make It Ya Think?

I started smoking the same way most people do. In school, with a bunch of other kids trying to look cool. At the time, we thought we looked really grown up, mature even. Ah huh, right. When I see kids smoking now-a-days who are about the age I was back then, I think they look ridiculous. Life experience gives us perspective I suppose. I’ve tried to quit. I’ve tried about 483020 times probably. Turns out, I didn’t have a blueprint to quit.

Unless you are (or were) a smoker, you really have no clue just how hard it is to quit. Like my mom, who keeps saying “Why don’t you just stop it, you stink”…. I know I stink. And I cough, and wheeze and feel crappy a lot too. And, man is it expensive to keep up! It’s not that simple. There’s not only the physical addition to nicotine you have to get past, there’s also the psychological/emotional cravings for nicotine. I’m grumpy (ok, VERY grumpy) trying to get past the physical nicotine withdraws but it’s the psychological need to pick up that cigarette I really have the hardest time getting through. I NEED to pick one up after eating, I need to pick one up when I’m sad, happy, excited, mad etc. Like I said, I need a blueprint to quit smoking!

Fortunately, I lucked into reading about this sweet deal Nicorette and Nicoderm have put together. It’s an exclusive Walmart program that gives smokers everything they need to quit smoking. For good. The Blueprint To Quit program was created to support us quitters as well as provide tools to do it without all those 596964220 attempts. 85% of quit attempts are done without any support. This means,  the average quitter finally succeeds after their 7th try! 7 tries!! I think I’ve surpassed that!

Other resources on the Blueprint to Quit website include:

  • Join QuitNet: Get a $10 mail-in rebate for an online membership to QuitNet (a $39.99 value) Join this behavioral support community on its own or bundle with a select 14 different Nicorette or Nicoderm products
  • Buy Now & Replenish: Purchase and replenish conveniently online.

So? Who’s with me? Are you trying to quit? Want your own Blueprint to Quit? Can we start our very own little club of ‘quitters’…? Do you think I’ll make it this time?

This is a sponsored post as a member of Mom Bloggers Club. However, all opinions and statements are my own. And for real.. I’d like a Blueprint to Quit!


  1. I was never a “real” smoker… pretty much only when I would go out drinking. But, that habit was very hard to break. It’s easy now because I rarely drink. I have a lot of friends who have had success with the electronic cigarette. This looks like a good program. YOU CAN DO IT!!!! :)))) Oh and my hubby just quit and says everything tastes better… he thinks everything tastes like butter now. LOL

  2. I’ve been hoping/trying to quit for years. It’s such a horrible, unhealthy habit – thanks for info on this program!

  3. It will be hard but you CAN get through it. Great going on becoming a quitter…and a non-smoker!. 🙂

  4. This sounds like a plan that can work! It’s such a tough habit to break!!! I have loved ones that lives were taken early due to a lifetime of smoking. It’s amazing how on day one of quitting your body is already healthier.

  5. It took a gallbladder operation from hell to make me quit. This way sounds much better. Best of luck to you; I’ve been smoke free for little over 2 years so I know you can do it.


  6. Quitnet used to be free.

  7. Lady, I just wrote today in my getting healthy post about how smoking basically quit me! I haven’t completely committed to quitting, but I might as well!! Good Luck and I know you can!!

  8. You can do this! I quit when I became pregnant with my son and it was super hard, but so worth it!

  9. I’m not a smoker. I just wanted to say Congratulations on deciding to quit.

  10. Sandy VanHoey says

    When I quit, I got the electronic cigarettes and love them!

  11. Kathy ya know!!!! says

    You are stubborn. You can be very determined. You can do it!! Though I have no idea how hard it is to quit smoking, I can really imagine it is hard. I’ve heard it’s THE hardest thing. This blueprint thingy sounds good. I think your other key to totally quitting is to get certain family members to NOT share any drama with you while trying. Will be hard with most of them living there, and the rest hoping to visit soon!! But you can do it. Ethan’s a good enough reason right there.

  12. You can do this! I used to only smoke when I drank, but now that I don’t drink, no more smoking. So, I didn’t have it too tough. I’m pulling for you, though!!

  13. sounds great! wishing you great success 🙂

  14. What a great idea! Most people aren’t able to do it their first couple times, don’t get discouraged. I hope that BluePrint is your answer! 🙂

  15. You can do it! I’m forwarding this to my dad!