Fall Is Here Halloween Is Coming Let’s Drink! Top 5 Fun Fall Cocktails

fun fall cocktails

Fall Is Here Halloween Is Coming Let’s Drink! Fun Fall Cocktails

You know I love a good drink now and then. Ok, more now than ‘then’ but, that’s not the point, really.  There’s no other time of the year when we can get really creative with our cocktails as right now you guys! Because… Fall Cocktails!! And, I’ve done all the really hard work for you. It was a tedious and very precise, scientific method of research I had to use too. All those hours of Google searching, mixing this and measuring that! Oh!! And let’s not forget all those years I spent drinking and taste testing! Whew! The stories I have from just that alone is a gold mine of blog worthy crap. But, I did it. And, you’re welcome. I’ve compiled my favorite, fun, fall cocktails for you! Say that 5 times, real fast after you’ve had a few of these…

And, yes, some of these can indeed be made without the alcohol for the small fry’s and those who don’t partake. I see no reason those of us who indulge should get all the fun here. I’m a sharer…

Below, you’ll find my Top 5 Fun Fall Cocktails. Ready? Let’s drink!

candy corn fall cocktail


What’s a fun, fall cocktail list without a candy corn cocktail? Of course it had to be first on the list!

1 oz. Candy Corn Infused Vodka**
2 oz. orange liqueur (orange juice for non-alcohol)
1 Large Egg white
1/2 lemon, juiced
Handful of Candy Corn (garnish)

**Candy Corn Infused Vodka:

Chop 1/4 cup of candy corn into tiny little pieces. Place in mason jar. Fill with your favorite vodka and cover. I recommend letting this sit in a cool, dark place for at least a few days up to a week even! But, if you’re party preppin’ the day of, do this in the morning to serve at night. (filter before using)


Add all ingredients to a drink shaker filled with ice. Cover. Shake, shake, shake… real fast for about 20 seconds and serve in martini glasses. Toss in a few candy corns and you have a classic!

fall cocktails pumpkin

(totally not my photo, know who’s it is? lemme know!)


This one is a fun time for all! And, it really is tasty without the alcohol too!

3 Scoops Vanilla Ice Cream
1/4 Cup Canned Pumpkin
2 ½ oz. Vanilla Vodka
Pinch Cinnamon
Pinch Nutmeg
Pinch Ginger


Add all those yummy ingredients to a blender and blend baby blend! Easy! Also, one year at this crazy Halloween party I was at, they served these fall cocktails in those really cute tiny, little pumpkins. Just sayin’…

fall cocktails eyeball(photo courtesy Visitcanada.com)

 Gummy Eyeball Martini

1 oz. Lemon vodka
1/2 oz. coconut Rum
2 oz Orange Juice
1 Gummy Eyeball (find these at any big box store in candy/Halloween aisle)


Toss all liquid ingredients in a drink shaker and… shake, shake, shake until nice and cold. Plop (that’s an official term) a gummy eyeball  into the bottom of the glass and… SPOOKTACULAR! I’ve seen this same drink made with gummy worms as well. You pick!

fall cocktails true blood(photo credit TrueBloodGirl.com)


This is actually one of my favorite drinks all year long. In fact, when we went away to San Diego, the Martini Bar made the most fantabulous one for me! I’m going to pour a tall one and hope Vampire Eric shows up to bite me drink with me.

2 oz. Sloe Gin
2 oz Pomegranate Juice
1/2 Lime, Juiced
2 Maraschino Cherries (garnish)
Sugar (to rim glass)
Slice of Bloof Orange (garnish)


Again, we do this the easy, peasy way and toss all ingredients save for the cherries, sugar and orange into a drink shaker with ice and…. shake, shake, shake until well chilled. Use the other 1/2 of the lime juice to to dip glass in, then dip in sugar to rim the glass. (I’d chill my glass first but that’s just me) Pour shaken (not stirred) drink in glass. Plop (official term) cherries in bottom of glass and garnish with slice of blood orange. Wait for smexy vampire to arrive. Drink!

fall cocktails warm cider

Warm Apple Brandy Cider

You didn’t think I was going to have a Top 5 Fall Cocktails and leave off warm cider (with or without the booze) did you? Really? Silly boozehounds, No way! There’s many different ways you can go with this one, but let’s be real. It’s fall. You simply need the brandy!

1 oz. Apple Brandy
2 oz Rum
Warm Apple Cider
Cinnamon Stick (garnish)


Fill up your favorite warm apple cider glass 1/2 way with your favorite warmed up apple cider. (farmer’s market anyone?) Add rum and brandy. Mix with a cinnamon stick and leave in to flavor and garnish. Curl up with your bestie for some girl talk or your hunny by the fire for some cuddle time and you’re all set!

So, tell me… what’s some of you favorite fall cocktails? And, when are you going to make me one?


I posted another awesome sauce fall cocktail on 10/12/13. It’s Caramel & Cinnamon Hot Chocolate. Yes, it is boozy! Go!! Go check it out. Cuz it’s also delicious!


  1. All I can say is, YUM! Let’s drink!

  2. That smashed pumpkin shake really makes me wish I could drink. I may have to resurrect that one after the baby is born!

    The apple cider sounds good, even after me and apple cider had a run-in last fall. :/

  3. I’m going to get on that cider and shake this month. Sounds fabulous!

  4. Not a drinker – I will have to try and make non-alcoholic versions of these, especially the smashed pumpkin one!

  5. I want to try a Gummy Eyeball Martini!

  6. Kathy....umm yeah me says

    The BEST one I have tried recently is…….. whipped cream vodka and rootbeer. OH MY GOSH!!!!! some top it with more whipped cream. Rootbeer floats for big girls!! YUMMY!!!

  7. Candy Corn Martini! Yes please! YUM! They all look great but I really want to give that one a try!

  8. The hardest thing about this post is to decide which one to try first!!!

  9. Great recipes! They all sounds good but the candy corn one looks likes it will taste really good!

  10. What does the egg white do in the candy corn martini? Do you beat it? Cancy cor is one of my favorite candies for a few days!

  11. what time is happy hour!! yummy

  12. Now this is my kind of post! Yummy! I’ll be mixing some of these up for sure!

  13. I really want to try the candy corn martini! Such a great idea to infuse it with the vodka!

  14. those sound totally delish! can’t wait to try!

  15. Okay, I have to try the smashed pumpkin shake…

  16. I don’t drink, but I’m thinking I could convert that into a virgin pumpkin shake? 🙂

  17. This is my kind of Halloween party!!

  18. Perfect! I will have to try some of these out on friends this holiday – test out my mixology skills!

  19. weather is about to get perfect for a yummy apple cider drink.

  20. LOVE a holiday drink 😉

  21. CANDY CORN MARTINI! That sounds and looks so delicious, and sinful. YUMMY!

  22. The brandy cider sounds the best and I don’t really drink. I love cider though so i would be more apt to try it. Thanks for a great post!

  23. They all sound really amazing. I’d love to try the candy corn martini.

  24. Yummy Yummy Yummy

  25. I want one of each, please! Those look so good! Oh, and I’ll fight you for Eric! lol

  26. These look so good, and creative! next time we have a Halloween party we will have to make some of these…..or maybe this year after the kids have gone to bed!

  27. Do you think I could make any of these non-alcoholic and still be super tasty?

  28. YES please! To any and all of them!

  29. Some of them sound tasty. Wonder if they taste as good without the alcohol..

  30. The pumpkin shake looks great!


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