True Blood Halloween Swag Bash Giveaway *** ENTER NOW ***

true blood halloween

True Blood Halloween Swag Bash Giveaway
*** ENTER NOW ***

Alright my Trubies! This one’s for YOU! RonMel Events is very proud to bring your the True Blood Halloween Swag Bash Giveaway!

The last season of HBO’s hit TV series True Blood has just recently ended AND Halloween is literally right around the corner. What’s a vampire and ware-wolf lover going through withdraws to do? Enter The True Blood Halloween Swag Bash Giveaway of course! We’ve put together a super prize pack too! One very lucky winner will receive:

  • Officially licensed Merlotte’s Bar Set (Pitcher & 8 glasses)
  • Officially licensed True Blood Cookbook
  • Officially licensed True Blood ‘No biting Allowed’  Fangtasia T-shirt (available in men’s & women’s sizes)

ARV of all items is $150.00. Once the giveaway ends we will purchase this super swag set and having it shipped directly from the HBO shops to your door! Sweet, right? This super spooky, sexy, hot event will run from 10/19 through 10/31. Open to residents 18+ in US & Canada!

Our one and only rule? Do NOT cheat! All entries will be verified. Don’t cheat yourself out of the swag! There’s only 1 mandatory entry – name & email so we can contact our lucky winner. Everything else is bonus. Don’t want to follow, like and pin, no need. However, the more you do, the more entries you receive. And, I know you want in on this!

We’ve got some super bloggers joining Grandma Juice & The Kids Are Grown for this hot giveaway! Be sure you check out what they have to say where they play!

Ready? You know what to do! Fill out the handy, dandy Rafflecopter form below and off you go!



This contest is now closed. Congrats to Laurey G. on the great WIN!


  1. Haley Hollan Hernandez says

    Eric Northman, you never know if he will be a good guy or bad guy and either way so sexy

  2. Sookie because she so caring, loving, and faerielicious!

  3. Sookie because its all about her 😉

  4. Eric Northman! He is just plain sexy!

  5. Sherrie C. says

    Sookie because she’s feisty and a fairy 🙂

  6. Well, I don’t know…is it bbad that I don’t think I’ve ever seen it… That’s why I should win:)

  7. Eric Northman- Well just look at him…. he is to die for (Pun intended!) =]

  8. I’m a team Bill girl. He is HOT! course then their is Alcide. Double YUM!!!

  9. Eric without a doubt 🙂

  10. Seyma Shabbir says

    Eric b/c he really is loyal, Alcide since he is soo sexy

  11. Alana Vester says

    I have not seen it so I don’t have a favorite character, but my Mom loves the show. I would love to win this for her. 🙂

  12. Darlene Owen says

    Sookie because she is so outgoing.

  13. I like Eric Northman because simply he looks so handsome!
    Thanks for this awesome giveaway

  14. I love Eric, he needs to get with Sookie

  15. I am entering to win this for my daughter. She loves True Blood. Unfortunately I do not know the characters names, all I know is she loves the wolf.

  16. Kristy Conrad says

    Eric and Alcide.. they’re both hot!

  17. I don’t really have a favorite character, but I like the show a lot.

  18. Jennifer C. says

    My favourite character is: the werewolf, Alcide Herveaux (Joe Manganiello).

  19. I don’t have a favorite character…hahaha…

  20. Sookie!

  21. I like Bill Compton because he’s more compassionate than the other vampires.

  22. kathy dunaway says

    I love Sookie because she is really cool.

  23. Lafayette, because he’s so unapologetic about being himself and I wish it could rub off on me. 🙂

  24. And apparently I can’t even type my own name right today. lol

  25. michelle fuller says

    Tara, and Lafayette are my favvorite characters because both speak their minds

  26. Eric because he’s the bad boy with a sensitive side. Oh and yes, he’s hot.

  27. Eric because he’s so hot and powerful.

  28. My favorite character is sookie because she always tries to do the right thing, even if it doesn’t work out.

  29. Sookie, because she crazy and fun

  30. cheryl lanier says

    I really like all the characters for some trait, but eric is hot so he wins!

  31. I really like the character of Eric Northman plays .

  32. Judy Heinsinger says

    Eric Northman cause he’S SEXY HOTTT!

  33. roberta wade says

    eric, hands down…

  34. thanks for giveway

  35. kimberly bhatti says

    Eric Northman i just love him!

  36. Lucy Nguyen says

    I absolutely love Eric Northman

  37. June Ebinger says


  38. Jeanette Jackson says

    Sookie because she is a very strong female character

  39. I’ve only watched two episodes..I’m new! I love Sookie b/c she asks the questions of Bill like I would and Lafayatte is just fabulous!

  40. Eric and Alcide.. they’re both hot! Though i am soooo glad they didn’t kill of Lafayette like they did in the books!!!

  41. Julie Thompson says

    I have sort of watched one episode at a friends house but sevral of my friends have told what a great show it is and it is the type of show I like so I really want to watch it