True Blood Halloween Swag Bash Giveaway {Sign Ups Open!}

true blood halloween

True Blood Halloween Swag Bash Giveaway

{Sign Ups Open!}

Alright my True Blood – Halloween junkies! This one is for you!

With the last season of True Blood just ending AND Halloween right around the corner, what’s a vampire lover going through withdraws to do? Sign up for the True Blood Halloween Swag Bash Giveaway, of course!

RonMel Events is at it again! And this time, we aren’t playing around! We’re looking for some serious bloggers to join us for this wickedly popular giveaway! Who else are you going to find that combines the #1 HBO series True Blood with a HOT Giveaway, just in time for Halloween? No one!

We hope you will be brave enough to join us for the True Blood Halloween Swag Bash!
We will be giving away a True Blood Cook Book, Merlottes Bar Set
AND a True Blood ‘No biting Allowed’  Fangtasia T-shirt.
This super spooky, hot event will run from 10/19 through 10/31.
Cost is $10 for 3 links (Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest)

You want in, don’t ya?

Well, CLICK HERE and go fill out the sign up form!
And, don’t miss out on this one!
Sign Ups are limited, so jump in quick!

I might just have to get the very hot, smexy Vampire Eric after you!

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  1. Julie Thompson says

    I have seen only one epsode at a friends house and would love to srr the entire series. The swag looks awesome

  2. Can I ask why we have to pay to sign up? We are helping to promote the giveaway correct? Is there a cash prize for the giveaway winner? If not I don’t understand why I’d have to pay to help promote something? Just curious. Thanks!

    • Grandma Juice says

      This is not a review item we’re recruiting others to help promote. The fee will be used to purchase the items. This is much the same as the iPad, TV etc giveaways you’ll find. Just waaaay cooler because it’s TRUE BLOOD!!!! 😉
      You are correct in asking, as there are way too many bloggers these days that receive an item for review, then get 20 of their blog buddies to help them promote it. It’s a bit sad. The company receives great PR through many blogger and social media channels. However the poor bloggers receive 0 for their time and talent. Also, it makes it incredibly hard for the rest of us to eeek out a living when industry standards are now being set by such groups willing to take a $20 dollar item and give it $1000 worth of promo. Please, don’t participate in that type of giveaway. We advocate never to do so and I hope you are asking because you feel the same!
      Hop on board! We’d be glad to have such a smart cookie with us on this!!

  3. Plus 1 you girl!