25 Awesome Holiday Craft Ideas Even I Can Make ’em!

Holiday Craft Ideas

 25 Awesome Holiday Craft Ideas Even I Can Make ’em!

Totally true! Even me, with not a crafty bone in my entire body… I can make ’em! And, I have to add that these are beyond your popsicle stick, easy, type holiday craft ideas too. There’s some seriously cutesy crafts on this list!

Once again, I took the liberty of rounding up the best of the web for ya. I know, I’m a giver. And, if you’ll notice… There’s a couple bonus entries here. Multiple crafts in one link! Woot!

With the kiddos getting out of school soon and the family about to pile in and take over your quiet house, you might as well go all out and decorate to impress. And why spend tons of cash you could be using to send me some wine when you can make any of these awesome holiday craft ideas on the cheap? Re-purpose, reuse and add a few cheapos from the local craft store!

The pomegranate place cards and rhinestone blinged ornaments are first on my list!

What will you make?


  1. Oh how great! I love doing crafts (all year round! LOL) so I will definitely keep this list handy! Love the holiday seasons. Perfect for crafting – watching movies- and drinking hot chocolate… yep, that’s how I spend most of my days haha. 🙂

  2. Love the list of neighbor/teacher gifts!

  3. LOOOOVE this! Thanks!

  4. prettyopinionated says

    Love these! I’m a crappy crafter, so I need stuff that’s really easy. Like super freaking easy. Basically, if a toddler can do it, there’s still a chance it’s too hard for me.

  5. I love easy crafts! I’m the type of person that makes a craft that ends up looking like a toddler created it. So for me, easy is better!

  6. Lots of great ideas and links to wonderful projects. I really want to make more homemade stuff this year.

  7. See, you ARE Crafty Ronni!! lol. And you have a great eye to pick out awesome crafts. I think I need to do that Foot Mistletoe with my kids. Each kid have their own Mistletoe. Date them and keep them for memories to remember how tiny the feet were. lol.

  8. Crafty you are! These sound fun!

  9. I love the christmas tree from footprints. so cute 🙂

  10. Love all the craft ideas.

  11. Ahh, more things to add to my to-do list. Love all the ideas!

  12. Great roundup! I am really starting to get into the Christmas spirit this week. Thanks for the additional inspiration!

  13. What great ideas!!! I just wish I was more crafty…. my crafts never turn out like it is suppose to. I am always one of those “fails!” lol

  14. Some of these are way cute. I love the Candy Cane blocks!

  15. Oh wow, thank you for such a great list…

  16. I love the Peace Sign Ornaments. Very cool. Peace out! 😉

  17. love all these ideas for DIY crafts, Ima do the baby feet one, its too cute not to.

  18. Jennifer Clay says

    I love doing crafts this time of the year! Thanks for the great list!

  19. Thanks! I was looking for some new ideas for ornaments this year!

  20. The Snow Peeps! I could die of the cuteness.

  21. I still love this! I pinned it and my friends are loving it, too! Thanks!

  22. Great post! Thanks for the list!!

  23. Thanks for the great list! I was looking to find some crafting ideas today and it’s so great to find so many in one place!

  24. This is a great list of crafts! I love this time of year because making gifts can be so much fun. My little girl loves doing crafts and projects.

  25. Thank you for this post, a lot of great ideas..

  26. Great Idea’s Thank you

  27. Love this! Just pinned it!

  28. Thanks for all the great crafty ideas! Love the Holiday Cheer in a Bottle. 😉

  29. These are FABULOUS ideas! I always treasure gifts that are handmade opposed to purchased 🙂

  30. There are some really great ideas here!

  31. I am trying to be more crafty and do fun projects with my little one!!

  32. I love holiday crafts!! There are some really great ones on this list! Thanks!

  33. These ideas are just great! Can’t wait to get started with my children.

  34. GREAT ARTICLE!! I shared this on my page as well!! TY!

  35. great list of crafts! thanks for sharing! I hope I have time to try some of these 🙂

  36. I love doing crafts i will have to try some out 😀

  37. Love them, thanks!

  38. I LOVE these ideas! So many cute, and simple to do, ones! Thank you for sharing! The holidays are on of my favorite times to get creative!

  39. What an incredible collection! I’m not very crafty but I agree, I think I could make some of these.

  40. I like everything listed but I really love the apple candle centerpiece! What a great craft idea for holiday decorating and so easy to make. These apple candles would be great on the table this Thanksgiving 🙂

  41. The question is, can “I” do these crafts? LOL. I am seriously craft-challenged, but I’ll try some of these with my niece.

  42. The Peace Sign ornament is perfect for a friend of mine!

  43. Loving the Christmas in a jar gift ideas. Have a Christmas Party for kids coming up in a couple of weeks have been trying to come up with some creative ideas for them to do and make gifts for their families. This is a perfect list. thank you!

  44. Cindi Decker says

    Thank you so much for these easy craft ideas. I’m going to make that Noel sign – heading out to Hobby Lobby right away.

  45. oh my goodness i love the sheet music star!! so gorgeous- i just have to find some sheet music i’m willing to mutilate!! 😀 maybe i can just photocopy a page 🙂
    happy holidays!

  46. I like crafts but I’m not crafty. Most things I made look like my son made them. But those bay leaf trees look amazing and I think I can make them.

  47. Nicole Strunk says

    I can’t wait to get my office craft room together so I can have space to do all of these!

  48. i am making a lot on this list!!!

  49. Gina Brickell says

    Thank you for sharing.. I too am not quite creative.. Actually not a bit creative. I can’t think of anything myself.. I’m constantly searching the web and pinterest for ideas, so you made it a little easier for me!

  50. Thanks for sharing these. I really liked the 10 Christmas Gifts in a Jar – they were different from ones I had seen in the past. The sewing one is a really great idea!

  51. Love these! My favorite has the been the bay leaf trees!!

  52. Tami Valentine says

    I love to do crafts. I especially like the It’s a Wonderful Life pillow. My husband loves that movie. It would be a nice gift for him.

  53. Great tips, I would love to do these with the kiddos.

  54. meegan whitford says

    great ideas I will have to try this with my niece she is really into crafts

  55. These are some really great ideas. I’m gonna try the Rhinestone Monogrammed Ornaments. They look sooooo easy. thanks for sharing these craft ideas.

  56. I like to pretend I’m crafty! I’m gonna try these this year…maybe LOL

  57. Gina Brickell says

    Thank you for the great craft ideas.. I love to do stuff like this but have no imagination or creativity of my own.. Need to see what is available on blog sites and pinterest!

  58. Ooh, I love the Mod Podge Wine Charms! And even *I* can make them, too! 😉

    (At least, I *think* I can.)

  59. WOW! There are some really awesome craft ideas in this list! I would like to spend some time making a homemade craft this year. I think that I will make the Noel Sign!

  60. I really enjoyed this lists of crafts, especially since I’m in a weekly craft hop through the Blogger Connection. At times I run out of ideas, these are awesome and I see some that I’d love to make my “own”. I love grabbing ideas and really tweaking them so they reflect me. THank you! I like so many of them, I can’t decide which one I like best… eeeek!!!!

  61. Thank you for these! I love all these crafty ideas. The only bad thing is I have so many bookmarked that I have no idea where to start.

  62. I Love this list of crafts!! Such great ideas…love the holiday cheer in a bottle 🙂

  63. I am not very crafty either but looking over these they seem like I could pull them off! I really liked the 30 gift ideas!

  64. I am so not a crafty person but i think i could even make some of these, Thank you!

  65. Love these ideas! Christmas crafts are the best and we make them all month long.

  66. gricelda castro says

    Perfect list, my just try to do some of this for the teachers.

  67. Cassandra Sm says

    I love simple and easy crafts that look amazing as well, I have two little boys and sometimes its hard to do adult crafts lol

  68. sharon cowles says

    The snowball wreath is adorable..even I can do this one

  69. barbara remaly hart says

    I love crafts, especially the ones that help you save money, by making it yourself.

  70. Great list! Pinned it!

  71. Leslie Galloway says

    Oh my, I love the NOEL sign! It looks super easy too. I never would have thought of using pre-cut letters… so simple!

  72. Rachael Henzman says

    Oh these are so cool! I love doing crafts, but only if they are pretty simple lol Thank you!


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