Disney The Muppets Christmas Carol 20th Anniversary Collector’s Edition

Disney The Muppets Christmas Carol

Disney The Muppets Christmas Carol 20th Anniversary Collector’s Edition 

Can you believe it’s been 20 years? Oh where does the time go? It was really sweet watching this the other day with Ethan! I can remember sitting and watching The Muppets every weekend with my brother when we little. Timeless!

Disney The Muppets Christmas Carol 20th Anniversary Collector’s Edition is available now in stores on Blu-Ray & Digital Copy. As of November 6, you can find it at your local retailer’s and even on Amazon!

Stay for a second and enjoy this Disney The Muppets Christmas Carol Season’s Greetings video!

Sweet, right? Bringing back some warm fuzzies for you? Pick it up and start a whole new tradition with your kids!


  1. Wow…it’s been 20 years? I never knew that!

  2. I love holiday movies. Its great to see that the Muppets are still in the game and appealing to another generation

  3. Who doesn’t like the Muppets?! I am so getting this for my boys!!

  4. What did Ethan think of the Muppets? It is so nice that you get to spend quality time with him dong things like watching your favorite old cartoons.
    I honestly didn’t watch them much when I was little but Kermit and Miss Piggy certainly left an impression.

  5. My girls love muppets especially Swedish chef.

  6. Oh, I love the Muppets! I think this will be on our list to Santa!

  7. Love the Muppets! Brings back many memories from my childhood!!

  8. love the muppets from growing up. My children have not been that exposed wish there was more like this

  9. Aww, so fun! 20 years, wow!

  10. remembering my own Muppet days sigh…seems like just yesterday

  11. I love the muppets I wish they were still on Television now

  12. I wish they had more shows like this now

  13. 20 years? I remember my trio watching this… dang,they’re old. ; ) BB2U

  14. LOVE the Muppets!

  15. Now I feel old ~20 years wow

  16. steve weber says

    I love the muppets! here is to another 20 years!

  17. Megan Cromes says

    i love the muppets i hope i win!;)i know my son would love them!;)