E.T. BLU RAY DVD Movie Combo 30th Anniversary And Still Magical

E.T. Blu Ray DVD 30th Anniversary

E.T. BLU RAY DVD Movie Combo Pack 30th Anniversary Edition

It started out just like any other movie night over here. We were all snuggled upon the couch, popcorn in hand. And then, it happened. I was instantly transported back in time.

I was 13 years old in 1982. My mom, my two brothers and I jumped in the car and high tailed it off to the theater to watch the most magical movie. Sitting in the dark along with a packed house we all screamed when E.T. popped out out the closet at Drew Barrymore. We got our Kleenex and cried right along with Henry Thomas when E.T’s heart light went out. We marveled as the kids flew through the air on their bikes over the neighborhood…. and who doesn’t still say “E.T. phone home”?

Did you know it’s been 30 years since E.T. first came out? Where has the time gone?
Back on our couch, as I handed Ethan some Kleenex at the exact right moment, I watched and smiled knowing exactly how he felt seeing that little heart light go out. I knew he’d scream and flinch backwards when E.T.  popped out of the closet and saw the same awe in his eyes as they flew on their bikes. Isn’t it magical when a movie can still evoke those same feelings all these years later?

E.T. Blu Ray DVD Movie

E.T. BLU RAY DVD Movie Combo 30th Anniversary And Still Magical

To celebrate the 30 years that have gone by, an E.T. Blu Ray DVD 30th Anniversary Edition combo pack is now available. This newly remastered edition comes with the E.T. Blu Ray + DVD + a ton of bonus scenes!  And you can bet I sat right there on the couch watching every bit of it!

 E.T. BLU RAY DVD Movie Combo Synopsis:

When an imaginative boy meets a lost alien, it is the beginning of one of cinema’s most endearing friendships, as Elliot (Henry Thomas) helps the marvelous creature he calls E.T. find his way back home before government agents can capture him.
Steven Spielberg’s Unforgettable Adventure Debuts in A Digitally Remastered 30th anniversary Edition
E.T. Blu Ray Combo Pack With Blu-ray™, DVD, Digital Copy & UltraViolet October 9, 2012.

Bonus Features – E.T. Blu Ray The Extra Terrestrial 30th Anniversary Edition Include:

  • The E.T. Journals: In this all-new bonus feature, retrace the day-to-day experience of creating E.T from never-before-seen, behind-the-scenes footage shot by Academy Award®-winning cinematographer John Toll. This piece will give viewers a unique feeling of being on the set and living the excitement of what it was like to make E.T.
  • Steven Spielberg & E.T.: Watch an all-new interview with Steven Spielberg, as he reflects back on the film and discusses his experience working with the actors, as well as his overall and current perspective on E.T.
  • A Look Back: A special insider’s look into the making of E.T. featuring interviews with Steven Spielberg, the cast, and others intimately involved with the film.

E.T.  Blu Ray DVD Movie Combo Pack can be found at retailers nationwide as well as sites such as Amazon.  And seriously, you should just get it. It would make the perfect stocking stuffer!

WAIT!!!!! Are you old enough to have seen E.T. in the theater in 1982??


Grandma Juice received a promotional copy of E.T. Blu Ray DVD Movie Combo Pack to facilitate this review. But, it’s still a magical movie you should totally get! 




  1. prettyopinionated says

    I love ET! My favorite scene is when he gets drunk, and Elliot feels it while in school!

  2. I was born in 1983 so I wasn’t alive yet when this came out. But I remember my older brother and sisters loving this movie. I haven’t seen it yet and I’d love to be able to! Thanks for the info about this BluRay DVD release! Might be a good gift for the holidays!

  3. Lol…I used to love the ET ride…it’s such a classic movie

  4. What a classic! They did an amazing job on making ET for the movie.

  5. loved sharing the magic of E.T with my children this is truly a classic

  6. I was 2 and my parents took me because I had to see it! I left crying but it has been one of my favorite movies ever since!

  7. My 2nd oldest sister is CRAZY about E.T. She would make us watch it all the time when she babysat us. lol. I haven’t been able to watch it since. that’s a lot of ET for a little 4 yr old. But maybe now, being over 20 years since then; maybe I could enjoy it again.

  8. I was only 2 when it hit theaters but it was mine and my little brothers favorite movie once we were old enough to watch it!!

  9. I LOVED this movie! I still remember them trying to hide him in the closets with all the stuffed animals!

  10. “ET phone home” – I love this movie! It was on cable not too long ago and my kids loved it too. It would be great to get the DVD for them. 🙂

  11. My cousin was a baby when this first came out on VHS and she watched it constantly – I’m giving her the DVD for Christmas for old time sake!

  12. This is probably one of the best movies ever made. I still cry when I watch it!

  13. ET and Back to the Future, defined my childhood. 🙂

  14. pythonkatie says

    I was born the year this came out and never watched it as a kid. Last year my Beau introduced me to it and I may be the only one out there but I thought ET was freaky looking. Lol. Nightmares! I love the Alien movies – have no problem with them but those long fingers did something to me. ::shudder;:
    Otherwise thing the movie is AWESOME! Glad my kids like it!

  15. I will never forget the first time my kids watched ET. This movie will always have a place in my heart.